Apr 24 2014

All I Want For Christmas Is My 32 Teeth

It’s been a while since the dentists tag has gotten a workout, but I think it might be time.

A Missouri man is suing his dentist for allegedly pulling out all 32 of his teeth for no reason.

Skyler A. King, 23, claims he visited a Clayton dentist about an abscess and was told he had to extract all his teeth because he was at risk of fatal blood clotting.

King says Mark D. Meyers DDS, dba Eat Right Dentures/Same Day Dentures, told him all his teeth would have to come out, according to the suit filed in St. Louis County Court April 17.

The suit goes on to say that King would have needed 3 teeth pulled at most and that his abscess was totally treatable.

I don’t want to go around accusing anybody of anything, but did you happen to catch the names of those clinics?

Apr 24 2014

Detroit Metropolitan Airport Now Has A Service Dog Bathroom

Hey Carin. If one of your trips takes you through Detroit Metropolitan Airport and you wind up spending some time in the McNamara Terminal, let us know what Tans thinks of the fancy new indoor service dog bathroom.

In lieu of doored stalls or urinals, the bathroom features a pair of tiny grass yards. It’s not the first in the country, but it does offer dogs their choice of real grass or artificial turf, with an accompanying tiny fake hydrant to make them feel more ease at relieving themselves indoors (something they’ve probably been trained not to do). And when they’re done, a dog-friendly button activates pop-up sprinklers that wash their waste into the same sanitation system used by the airport’s other bathrooms.

To be clear, the sprinklers only take care of number 1. You’ll still have to clean up the hopefully hard stuff by hand, but there will be bags available for that.

It’s only available in the one terminal which is a bit of a bummer if you’re not lucky enough to land there, but everyone involved says that the location was chosen because of the large number of connecting flights it handles. Makes sense to me.

Apr 24 2014

Cool Factor

Here again is Gill, this time talking about people, places and things she thinks are cool. Somehow, I was not mentioned. A simple oversight I’m sure.

Have you ever met people who just seem to spread coolness where ever they go, or whatever they do? Have you also wondered about those places with it as well? Maybe you have even been to one of those places yourself, or met a person who just by being is cool.

What Is it?

The Ms. Gillie definition of Cool Factor is a person, place, or thing that dares to differ, think outside of the box, or even promotes individuality.

The Person

My sister is a prime example of a person with cool factor. She doesn’t outwardly display it in her clothing or appearance, but people know and respect her for being Heather. She knows the coolest and latest, but she also does service projects through work, recently participating in an Aids fund raiser gala.

The Places

The Ethiopian restaurant that I visited in March had cool factor for being slightly off the beaten track, and offering an opportunity to try new food and coffee.

The Things

When I was in St. Lucia I marveled at the sheer beauty of the place, its vistas, the history, and the fact that it had many contrasts. Iceland in 2012 also had it simply with its shape shifting and vulcanic action.

All About Attitude

Whenever I am skiing with my dad I always have my give em heck face on. If one has that go big or go home attitude that also promotes cool factor. Now that you are grown being a nerd is also not as big a stigma as it was twenty years ago. So get out those comic books, visit the Star Wars Shop in Phillipsburg St. Martin, and most of all be yourself.

So who and what in your opinion has cool factor?

Apr 23 2014

I Want David Letterman To Be Around Forever, But If He Can’t, Stephen Colbert Will Do Just Fine

TV sure is going to be weird when David Letterman is gone. I’ve been watching him on and off since I was a little kid in the 80′s and early 90′s trying not to get caught staying up later than I was supposed to.

Obviously you’ll never replace him, but if you need somebody to fill his spot when he retires next year, you could certainly do a whole lot worse than Stephen Colbert even if he does spell his first name wrong. Seriously, it’s Steven, goddammit! PH’s do not make a V sound! Never have, never will!

Anyway, all of that to say that I’m really going to miss Dave, but I’m also sure the show will be in good hands going forward. And also to get to the part where I put up this video of Steve on Dave’s show last night.

It’s good stuff, especially the part where Colbert reads the Top Ten List he submitted in 1997 while trying to get a writing gig.

Speaking of Top Ten Lists, a video of the first one ever has been going around, so we might as well have a look at that while we’re here.

If any of you watched that back then and predicted that the Top Ten would go on to become one of the longest running and most loved parts of the show, you’re better at this prediction stuff than I am. But in fairness to myself, I was 5 years old at the time, so who was I to be predicting anything? That and I’d never actually seen that clip until this morning. Still, if that was the first one I’d ever seen, I’d wonder what all the fuss was about and why anybody ever let him do that again.

Apr 23 2014

You’d Better Be Pullen My Leg With This Garbage

A man goes insane, not eating or sleeping for days and ranting about being the antichrist. His wife calls 911 for help. Paramedics arrive, but the man is too violent for them to deal with. Enter officer Brady Pullen and a fellow policeman, here to save the day…ish. A struggle ensues, out come the Tasers and the guns, and eventually the anti-Christ heads on up to meet the pro one, you might say.

It’s a sad story, and you’d hope that would be the end of it. You’d be wrong, but hope is certainly a nice thing to have.

As so often happens after a tragedy, the lawsuits weren’t far behind. It’s sad yet understandable that a family, in its time of grief and anger, would want what they see as justice for the loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s misguided, but it makes sense and…let me stop you right there. The family isn’t suing, officer Pullen is.

A Texas sheriff’s deputy involved in the fatal shooting of a man who had a psychotic episode is suing the man’s family for more than $100,000, claiming they were negligent and reckless for not warning 911 operators that the man was a “violent threat.

Pullen’s lawsuit seeks more than $100,000 in damages for “medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering and loss of past earning capacity,” the Houston Chronicle reported Friday. The sheriff’s deputy said he missed work due to surgery for injuries related to the incident and suffered a concussion.

The suit claims Yazar’s wife, Marlene Yazar, should have told 911 that her husband recently used the hallucinogenic drug DMT, although she wasn’t named in the suit. Pullen is going after Carmina Figueroa, Marlene Yazar’s mother and the homeowner of the Katy home where the incident occurred, even though she wasn’t home at the time of the incident. Figueroa’s name is listed on the home’s insurance policy, according to the Chronicle.

Money grab much?

But Marlene Yazar said it had been weeks since her husband took DMT; Pullen claims she should have revealed the drug use to 911 but didn’t because she didn’t want her husband going to jail.

“I didn’t even know what it was,” she told the Chronicle about the hallucinogenic drug.

I hate to use the word douchebag to describe a cop, but far too often they make it easy, Pullen incredibly so.

Speaking of douchebags, let’s hear from Pullen’s lawyer, Mark Long, who’s last name may or may not describe what sort of prick he is.

“I’m actually offended that people would think that police officers don’t have civil rights to use civil law on their behalf. Everyone else does,” he said. “If this case brings an awareness that people need to be completely, utterly honest with 911, and if people become aware that police officers have rights just like everybody else, I’m happy. Whatever else people think about me, I could care less.”

Police officers also assume a certain level of risk while on the job, sir. How many times have you heard an officer say something like “you never know what each call will bring out here. You have to be prepared for anything”?

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s attorney Dean Blumrosen. He’s decided to represent the family of the victim for free because he finds the officer’s suit so ridiculous and shocking. He’s even looking for punishment against Long for having the nerve to file it. Good on him. This sort of crap makes the police look bad and lawyers look worse.

Apr 22 2014

Mom Likes You More

Here’s Gill with an interesting question. I can’t honestly say I’ve ever felt any more or less favoured than anyone else in the family at least not any time it ever would’ve counted for anything, but I’m sure it does happen. It’s human nature to have favourites and to get along with some people better than others. No reason that even unintentionally it couldn’t extend to your own kids. Good on the parents who were willing to for admitting it.

A recent study showed that 34% of moms and 28% of dads admitted to picking a favorite child. This got me to thinking to my average self about it, and I brought it up with my mom as we walked along the streets of Toronto. She turned to me and asked, “whose telling the truth?` I thought of this for shy of a second and replied, “the 34 and 28, but I think the 66 and 72 do it unknowingly.`


When I actually sat down to mull the issue over I thought back almost twenty years, and thought of a time when I thought my mom favored my sister. Heather, younger than me by fifteen months was what I assumed my parents had dreamed of. Intelligent, pretty, able-bodied, and not embarrassing to bring along. This, what I would figure to be true, caused me to hide out a lot at my parents home.

In A Moment Of Anger

When I was around sixteen my mom invited me to go somewhere with her, and having kept a considerable amount of anger inside I suggested, “why don’t you take your favorite daughter?` I don’t remember what she said or did, but I am pretty sure I hurt her feelings.

It’s All About Relating

Now that I am grown I have figured this simple fact, that it’s all about relating. I have always considered myself a daddy’s girl. I can talk to him about sports, machines, and I joke around easily with him. I also have figured how to relate to my mom as well. We both love to read, like a lot of the same foods and music, and now have a mutual understanding.


When you were growing up, did you feel favored, or that your sibling, stepsibling, or half sibling was your parents favorite? Or maybe you are a parent yourself.

Hey, it’s Steve again. I can’t hit publish without slipping this in.

Apr 21 2014

Now You’re Gonna Dye!

You know what’s weird? We’re coming off of a long holiday weekend, yet there somehow hasn’t been a single food assault story. How is that possib…ahh, here we are.

Police said they responded to reports of a fight inside a Wareman Avenue apartment and found a woman whose right eye was red and swollen. She told three officers that when accusing Goempel of cheating on her, he became agitated and began hurling eggs at her. He barricaded himself in the bedroom with an exercise machine against the door, police said.

Once officers got through the door, Goempel reached for a row of knives and swords atop his dresser. Police got him under control and took him to a cruiser, where they said he started yelling racist obscenities at one of the officers and then kicked another in the groin.

The evening started out as an Easter egg decorating party and the eggs were hard boiled, in case you were wondering.

Aaron Goempel is currently jailed and awaiting arraignment on charges of aggravated assault, which will fit nicely alongside what appear to be pending unrelated matters of harassment, prowling, assault and some traffic violations.

Apr 21 2014

A Rundown Of Some Oddly Named Criminals

The story of Edward Cocaine the drug defendant looks to have taken off online, with what feels like more mentions than usual in this type of case springing up all over the place. It’s even inspired this list of other criminals with ironic names.

Most of the good ones have found their way here through the years, but I’m pretty sure we missed Conor P. Fudge the ice cream store robber and Daniel Noody the school bus driver/accused flasher.

Apr 20 2014

The Weekend That Was

Here’s Gill with some thoughts on her Easter weekend…which was a lot more eventful than mine. I’m not complaining, just sayin’.

       The Good Friday Shoe Disaster

Have you ever been ready to go somewhere and you spill something down your front, realize you aren’t wearing two of the same shoes, or even worse that one of your shoes is actually broken beyond repair?  I had one of those moments with a pair of shoes I have had since high school.  I put them on, and found out that they were literally coming apart.  Lucky for me I had spare shoes for this moment of sheer ghetto.

       Where Coolness Lives

We arrived at my sister’s place just before noon, regular noon, on Friday.  Her building is located in Mid Town, near such places as Sky Dome, The Cn Tower, lots of hotels and dining.  For lunch we kept it simple.  My sister had laid out a do-it-yourself sandwich bar.

       Sample Time

For dinner we went to this place called Lóurvier.  We ordered off the sampler’s menu, and some of the delicious items were duck, salmon curry, tuna tartare, kale salad, and so much more.  The kale salad, which had dried cranberries, and pecans was something worth going back for.  Everyone else had different types of wine to go along with their foods, but I did not.

       Saturday Believe It  Or Not

At first I thought the Ripley’s Aquarium would be kind of a let down.  It was Ripley’s, and I was hoping to see a shark with human arms, but it was cool. In one tank I saw some rainbow coral, red, orange, blue, and so much more.  There was also a place to figure out your total worth in fish terms.  Cool fact- when a star fish breaks a leg off it regenerates a new one.

       Cool Burgers

We ate at this burger chain associated with New York Fries.  The burgers were fantastic!  You could choose your own toppings.  I had a vegetarian burger with onions and goat cheese.  The place if you are curious was called South Street Burgers.

       Unflattering Photo

What would a trip to my sister’s house be with out an unflattering moment, comment, just in fun, or a rather embarrassing pic?  That moment arrived when I dozed off while my mom tried on clothes at the Bay.  When I awoke I found out that she had not only taken the photo with her camera phone, but sent it to several people.  She’ll get hers later.  lol

Now I am home again, and I hope all of you out there have a safe and happy weekend.

Apr 19 2014

Another Little Guy Wants Birthday Cards…Here We Go Again

I was just thinking about how our Another Postcard tag hadn’t had a workout in a while, and I was hoping people had learned and weren’t doing this anymore. nope.

I have been yelled at in the comments for saying this whole asking for cards thing is a bad idea. I have been told to have a heart. I know you don’t believe it, but I do have a heart. Once this stuff hits the internet, it never ever dies, especially when the wish is really simple like sending a card. Devin may be 35, and cards may still be coming to that address at that airforce base…inflicting pain and misery on whoever happens to live there then. Sure there’s a date on the news story now, but once people copy it out and start modifying it, it will either lose its date or get a new one to make it new again. Why do you think those missing kids from 1996 are still going around as newly missing?

I really want Devin to have friends and find people to play with on the monkey bars, and this little drive for cards may do that in the short-term, but I’m worried about the long-term consequences. I’m afraid that once this stuff gets out in Facebook and emails, it will take on a life of its own. Why else do you think we have a whole category of these things?

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