Myths About Blindness, With A Special Emphasis On The One Where We All Want Full Vision Right Now

I wasn’t going to post this because most of it is stuff we’ve gone over here sometimes more than once, but then it got to the last one. We’ve probably covered it too, but since it never fails to blow people’s minds and turn them inside out, there’s no harm in repeating it.

No, Carin and I wouldn’t want our site back if we could have it. Not just because you can’t give someone something back if that thing never existed, though it’s surprising how many times we need to point that out since people often approach that question as if we’re longing for the good old days when we had all the high definition vision we could handle and then some and its mysterious disappearance is the only problem. The real issue is that we’re nearing our 40s and we’re pretty well adjusted to life as it is at this point. Neither of us has a great desire to go back to preschool in order to learn an entirely foreign system of reading, writing, colours, socialization and hundreds of other things that most folks don’t even think about, nor do we want to physically rewire our brains so they can process it all while simultaneously trying to live normal lives.

Not only that, but there’s no guarantee that it would even work. Neither of us is in any hurry to go through a complex, possibly painful operation just to maybe get a sliver of hardly useful vision. I understand why people think so, but if you’ve never had it, a wee bit of crappy eyesight is not better than no eyesight at all. It would actually make things worse because things that were going to be difficult anyway would now be that much harder.

Not every blind person is going to think this way. We all have our own opinions and for some of us it can be a bit of a touchy subject. But the video, as much as it can in a few seconds, does a decent job of nailing our thoughts on it. The bottom line is that though our lives may not always be perfect, neither are yours. But for the most part we’re all happy, so why risk everything to fit into someone else’s ideal when ours works just fine?

Do These Pants Make Me Look Drunk?

I’m glad the Vermont state police have a shred of a reasonable explanation for why Allen R. Johnson Sr. may have thought it a good idea to get up and slip on a fresh pair of pants whilst driving his big rig down the highway one morning not long ago, because it means that at least someone does.

What is their explanation, you ask. It’s what you probably think it is…he was hammered and that’s what one does sometimes.

Police say 62-year-old Meriden, Connecticut, resident Allen R. Johnson Sr. had a blood alcohol level of 0.21 percent, five times the legal limit for operating a commercial motor vehicle on a public highway.
The truck rolled onto its side on Interstate 89 in Williston on Wednesday morning.
Police say Johnson was standing up between the front cab seats trying to change his pants while driving.

He was charged with driving under the influence and negligent operation, which I assume means of the vehicle and not the pants. He was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

I hope someone reports on the court date if there is one, because I’d love to hear Johnson’s thought process should one exist.

Today In What Are The Odds: Man Robs Car, Gets Hit By Another Car, Is Treated By Owner Of The First Car

If this story has taught me anything, it’s that paramedics are much better people than I am. I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t have started harvesting this fella’s organs on the spot.

Firefighters at a station in the Central West End had noticed the lights were on in a car in the parking lot, fire Capt. Gregg Favre said.
After investigating, they found the car had been broken into.
The paramedic who owned the car filed a report with police about the break-in and the theft of possessions that has been inside.
Fifteen minutes later, the paramedic was among the first responders to a call about a pedestrian struck by a car in the 5500 block of Page Avenue in north St. Louis.

At that scene, the paramedic saw something that looked familiar — his gym bag and other personal possessions — lying next to the man who had been hit.

The medic called police to let them know they likely had a pretty short investigation on their hands, but only after treating the victim/living embodiment of what goes around comes around as he would in any other case.

There was no word on charges at the time this was written, but the luckiest unlucky man of the day was said to be in stable condition.

Ok, Class. How Do You Say I Can’t Speak Spanish In Spanish? You Don’t Know? Don’t Worry, Neither Do I

You may not know it if you judge by most of the things you see here, but I like to think that over all, most human beings are pretty reasonable. Reasonable enough not to…let’s say apply for a job they’re not even remotely qualified to do because it requires a very important skill they don’t possess. Most people, when encountering such a situation, will do one of two things: Either let it go and try to find something else that’s more in their wheelhouse, or take the months or years needed to learn a new thing and then take another run at it. When you’re reasonable, those seem like the only two logical options. But when you’re Floridian third grade teacher Tracy Rosner, there’s a third option. Apply anyway, get turned down, cry racial discrimination and then sue the school board.

After a decade of working at Coral Reef Elementary, Rosner requested last year to teach reading and language arts to students in the Extended Foreign Language (EFL) program, a track that allows students to learn a language other than English for an hour per day.
The school rejected her request because it requires that reading and language arts instructors of the EFL program speak Spanish, said the lawsuit.
Rosner’s lawyers said she was denied the job “because of her race and national origin as a Non-Hispanic individual who was not a fluent and native Spanish-speaker.”
Rosner said the school could have given her the position and had another instructor teach the Spanish component.
The lawsuit claims that because non-Spanish speakers are in the minority population of Miami-Dade County – where census data shows that about two-thirds of the area’s population are Latino or Hispanic – denying Rosner because she does not speak Spanish amounts to “employment discrimination on the basis of race and national origin.”

Going by this lawsuit, maybe they should find her an opening in the creative writing department.

Jammin In Jamaica!

Gill just got back from a trip to Jamaica and has decided to tell us a bit about it. Maybe one day I’ll go south myself. I often have family and friends tell me that I really need to hit an island during the winter, but I’m not so sure. Not because I wouldn’t enjoy myself (I absolutely would), but because when I got home and it was still snowy and freezing there’s more than an outside chance of me legitimately losing my goddamn mind. If you think I’m kidding, allow me to point out that here in 2016, I do not detest winter any less than I did when I was already getting upset about it in September of 2010. But enough about me…

You might just be wondering where I’ve been? Well, I, along with my family, headed south, to the Island of Jamaica. I was there for a week, and here are just a sample of the highlights of this latest adventure.

Food! Food! Food!

Aside from the buffets there were several different restaurants offering up a selection of delicious fair from Brazil, Japan, and Spain. On the Monday night, on recommendation of my sister, we tried the Brazilian place. At this spot you go get your first course, they bring over your main dishes, different cuts of meat, and they leave the sauces. I finally got to try Chimichuri sauce on chicken, which isn’t for the timid. I, wanting also to have the native experience, tried aki salt fish which is the Jamaican national dish.

Music in My Head

All through out the week I was treated to the music of the Caribbean. reggae spilled from stereos and steel drum bands, as well as the unique and large African influence of the tyko drums. On the Wednesday night the resort offered a local steel drum band, and during the time they were setting up I got to actually see what a steel drum looked like. It was sitting on a stand, about four feet off the ground. The larger sections of the drum give richer deeper sounds, and the smaller ones give the light and lively ones. You also could not go many places with out hearing Native son and revolutionary Bob Marley. His songs of peace and harmony still hold relevance today.

No Problem

Once I left Canada, and settled myself on Caribbean shores I noticed a marked difference in attitude. Here we live stressed and depressed lives, but there the philosophy of “No problem.” made my tensions and low feelings go away.

Other Thoughts

Spending a week away from my troubles was a great thing, and I hope to head back there again soon. I also have to say that the people of Jamaica were warm and inviting, so thanks to you all out there.

How Would You Feel About Paying Me In Advance, Boss

We’ve already determined that stabbing your prospective boss is a poor way to land that dream job, and while we don’t know 100 percent for sure what happened here, I feel pretty confident that stealing his wallet when he leaves the room for a minute is going to work about as well.

Takeda is suspected of stealing the wallet containing ¥50,000 in cash from the president’s bag during the interview at an elevator maintenance company in Seya Ward, Yokohama, on the evening of Nov. 10.
Police believe Takeda took advantage of easy access to the bag when the president briefly left the room.
After the interview, the president noticed that the wallet had disappeared and reported the incident to the police, speculating that Takeda could have taken it. The president said only he and Takeda were in the office during the interview.

Police were able to track Shogo Takeda down in exactly the manner you’d figure, through the contact details included on his application. When they questioned him, Takeda told them that “I wanted to work for that company, but since I haven’t got a job I needed money,” which is a statement so dumb it almost has me wondering if this might just be fake. I don’t think it is, by the way.

Takeda was arrested, but whether or not charges were filed and if so what they were was not reported.

I Have One Just Like That. And That. And That. And…

Pawning stolen goods to make some quick cash is something that’s been done thousands if not millions of times. But as often as it’s been done, as yet nobody’s quite figured out how to make sure that the stuff you’re pawning doesn’t already belong to the owner of your pawn shop of choice.

According to a report from Clarksville Police, Jeremy Allen Watts, 30, and Jessica Faye Heady, 24, visited the Cash America Pawn shop on Riverside Drive with several items to pawn.
The pawn shop owner and victim, Edward Dial, recognized the items and went home, the report said.
There, he noticed that someone had broken into his residence and taken several items, the report said.
According to the report, Watts and Heady tried to pawn two PlayStation video game system, controllers, video games and DVDs. The property was valued at more than $1,000.

Both were charged with aggravated burglary and held on $50000 bond, which may mean they’ll have time to sit around and finally solve that puzzle.

Happy French Toast Day

I was informed by the radio this morning that today is French Toast Day, and ever since I’ve been walking around humming this.

You’ll be shocked to learn that they didn’t play it. Next year I may call in and request that they do.

Have a lovely breakfast.

Black Friday Body Count: What Body Count?

It totally screws up my gimmick, but anything that means less work for me while simultaneously making the world slightly more civilized is fine by me. Black Friday shoppers hunt savings without the frenzy of past years

The real story here isn’t that 2016 is a down year for some reason, but that we’re finally starting to see the shift toward online shopping that’s been predicted for years now. Enough people are figuring out that it’s no longer necessary to go out and get a concussion and a computer that I feel like we might be ready to take Black Friday as we know it to live on a big farm with a nice family where it can run and play forever and ever. It won’t happen all at once, but change is coming, thank god.

In Case You Need Reminding That Corporations And Lobby Groups Have Always Been Horrible Shitbags

Weird Universe dug up this letter from 1977 written by a Robert K. Phillips, who at the time served as Executive Secretary of the United States National Peach Council. The issue at hand was a possible ban on a chemical called DBCP, which had been found to cause sterility in male workers who came in contact with it. It was ultimately banned anyway by 1979, hopefully in part because of the balls on this guy (which would be kind of ironic.), but also because in exchange for not giving you kids, it would give you cancer.

To: Dr. Eula Bingham, Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health

Recently we received the interesting DOL news release concerning worker exposure to DBCP.

It appears to us that you and Secretary Marshall may have overreacted, or at least that is your public posture.

While involuntary sterility caused by a manufactured chemical may be bad, it is not necessarily so. After all, there are many people who are now paying to have themselves sterilized to assure they will no longer be able to become parents.

How many of the workers who have become sterile were of an age that they would have been likely to have children anyway? How many were past the age when they would want to have children? These, too, are important questions.

If possible sterility is the main problem, couldn’t workers who were old enough that they no longer wanted to have children accept such positions voluntarily? They could know the situation, and it wouldn’t matter. Or could workers be advised of the situation, and some might volunteer for such work posts as an alternative to planned surgery for a vasectomy or tubal ligation, or as a means of getting around religious bans on birth control when they want no more children.

We do believe in safety in the work place, Dr. Bingham, but there can be good as well as bad sides to a situation.

Above all, please don’t try to get a ban on the manufacture and sale of the chemical DBCP, because that would cause some losses of agricultural production which would be serious.


Robert K. Phillips
Executive Secretary, National Peach Council