So Should We Reschedule Those Last Few Shifts?

I wonder if this fella considers Joey a musical and/or spiritual influence.

According to Anesti Danelis’ website, he’s a musical and sketch comedian, an actor, and a writer. There was a time when he might’ve tacked the words “and a Starbucks barista” to that description, but that time was before he carried his guitar into the Toronto Starbucks where he worked and sang a song that could very well be called “Fuck This, I Quit.

Given that Danelis is a comedy performer whose YouTube channel has roughly two dozen other songs and sketches, you’d wonder whether this was just another performance, but in an interview with People, he insists that nope, he was just an unhappy barista who decided to change his life.

He said that he wrote the song while he was riding his bike after a particularly shit day on the job, but it took him about a month to pull his nerves together and sing it in the store.

Of course it was filmed. He made sure to have a few friends there ahead of time so that it wouldn’t be lost to history.

Hopefully whatever he’s got going on now is treating him better than Starbucks did. Seems like a talented guy.

Semi-related: Anybody else remember this little number?

Starbucks sucks!

Tastes like piss and costs big bucks,
I hate Starbucks, Starbucks sucks.
Tastes like piss and costs big bucks,
I hate Starbucks, Starubucks sucks.

I don’t need your fancy cup!
My Tim Horton’s fills me up.
I don’t need your filthy cup!
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Just one sip and you will chuck,
Fuck you, Starbucks. You suck.
Just one sip and you will chuck,
Fuck you, Starbucks. You suck.
Fuck you, Starbucks. You suck.
Fuck you, Starbucks. You suck

I’ll always love the toilet flush at the end.

A Slow Trip Around The AM Dial

If you aren’t the kind of person who enjoys an evening spent slowly turning a radio dial, listening through static and marveling at all of the far away stations you can pull in, chances are you’re going to want to do something else with the next 17 minutes of your life. But if you’re me, damn is this cool. Contemporary references to modern companies and HD radio aside, this gave me some serious flashbacks.

On the 100th anniversary of broadcast radio it’s still possible to hear an AM radio station on all 118 AM North American Medium Wave channels from 530 kHz to 1700 kHz. Listen to stations on all frequencies as recorded off the air with a simple wire antenna in Eastern Massachusetts and see information on every station heard.

There are a few pieces of Canadian content here like 900 CHML Hamilton and Radio-Canada Toronto on 860 which you can seem to pick up no matter where you are, but not quite as many as I expected. No AM 800 CKLW or 820 CHAM (Funny 820 if you prefer), for instance. Perhaps it’s not surprising though. America does have quite a few more powerhouse signals than we do.

It Only Takes About Five Seconds For AI To Mimic Speech Now

I’m not going to go through the whole lecture again, because if you don’t understand by now why this sort of technology is scary as hell and doesn’t bode well for the future, chances are you won’t until you find yourself a victim of it.

This video is a couple years old, by the way. I mention this because it’s possible that by now the process could have undergone even more fine tuning.

More Ways To Get Your Food Delivered

When we decide to get food delivered, sometimes it’s sad because the place we really want to get food from isn’t on Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats and delivery options don’t seem to be around for it. Plus, we had heard about the less than friendly commissions of apps like Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes.

Thankfully, there are more smaller local options available than I ever knew about, all listed in Andrew Coppolino’s food column. These are options for Kitchener Waterloo, but I’m sure there are lesser known options in lots of other cities.

Here’s a funny little story about poor Andrew Coppolino’s name. We often hear him talking about local food places in the morning when I used to leave the house and go to the office. One day, I was trying to remember the name of a place he had recommended, and I forgot his name too. When I tried to remember his name, all that would come to me was “That Bob Dobalina guy!”

After Steve finished laughing at me, we decided that poor Andrew would be Bob for us from now on.

But On The Bright Side, You’re Fired

While it seems like everyone in the world is getting the fricking Coronavirus these days, it also looks as though nobody is getting regular old coughs and colds. As a matter of fact, so few people are coming down with those thanks to all the masks and the distancing and the not being around people that a lozenge factory on Prince Edward Island just laid off 30 workers. Talk about a no win situation. You can either lose your job because everyone is sick, or you can lose it because no one is.

“Cold and cough season is almost non-existent this year, which has resulted in a decline of our lozenge business for the first two quarters of 2021,” Scott Spencer, president and chief operating officer of Island Abbey Foods, said in a statement to CBC News.
“While we have seen substantial gains with our digital retail strategy, it does not replace the volume we projected in anticipation of a regular cold and cough season.¬†Therefore, unfortunately, we’ve made the difficult decision to eliminate 30 temporary positions from our production operation.

Do What In A Mask With A Stranger? Last Time I Tried That I Went To Jail

This must be embarrassing. Not because of the sex talk, but just because…I mean…just look at it.

Dr. Theresa Tam said in a statement there is little chance of catching COVID-19 from semen or vaginal fluid, but sexual activity with someone new does increase the risk of contracting the virus, particularly if there is close contact like kissing.
“Like other activities during COVID-19 that involve physical closeness, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of getting infected and spreading the virus,” she said.
Skip kissing, avoid face-to-face closeness, wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose, and monitor yourself and your partner for symptoms ahead of any sexual activity, Tam said.
“The lowest-risk sexual activity during COVID-19 involves yourself alone,” she added.
Sexual health is an important part of overall health, Tam said, and by taking precautions, “Canadians can find ways to enjoy physical intimacy while safeguarding the progress we have all made containing COVID-19.”

Yes, this is a real news story about a real statement that our country’s head health official really made. Am I the only one who feels bad for her?

Seriously, this sounds like the sort of advice you’d get from a creepy dude at a Halloween party.

“Bro! Don’t worry about that fluffy shit. No kissing or looking into her eyes or whatever. Just get those pants off and hammer away. And keep the mask on, homey. You don’t want her recognizing you around campus later, do you? Yeah, of course you can pound off if you’re worried. Just keep your spooj off the couch. I paid 15 bucks for that couch.”

I realize you have to say something, but god damn am I ever glad that saying it isn’t my job.

Seasons Of Trump

Wow. That’s quite the high note at the end there. I’m impressed.

You made it, America! You survived four years (actually more if you count everything that lead up to it) of this shit. The Donald Trump era is about to end, at least officially. On behalf of the world, thank you for not giving him a second term. It looked close there for a minute, but right prevailed. Hopefully this is the start of us being able to deal with your country in a civilized, friendly, predictable, professional way again.

I know that even though on paper he’s gone, the changes he brought to the world and especially to your country aren’t leaving with him. For some reason he still has millions of supporters, some of whom will go to absolutely crazy lengths to do what they see, right or wrong, as his bidding. That sort of thing doesn’t simply switch off because sane people take over at noon. There’s a long, difficult road ahead. I wish you well. There’s nothing else I can say.

Stuff about COVID Vaccines, And A Song Too!

I heard this song, and thought it was awesome and would give me an excuse to put up another link that I’ve wanted to post anyway.

So we kinda sorta have COVID vaccines if we can keep the supply going. But there are a bunch of folks who are worried about how they came out with it so fast. Nothing medical should be rushed, I get it. So to answer some common questions, Public Health Canada created a page detailing the COVID-19 vaccine approval process. Basically, they’re saying they could move faster because they have more scientists working on the problem because it’s kind of global, they have great gobs of money because the problem is kind of global, and the way they’re designing this vaccine makes it faster to develop. But if you go there, you can go through all sorts of links going into all sorts of detail.

Also, I thought I would mention Anne-Marie Zajdlik’s blog because she writes about the vaccines in a very down-to-earth way and she has lots of other useful links and info. One of them was a link to a video breaking down the ingredients in the Pfizer vaccine.

Alright, lyrics time. I had to write these out because the captions were the dirtiest of dirt poor, and I’m not sure of one of the lines. Will put a * in brackets next to it. Maybe someone can help me fix it.

I heard there was a rumour shared, that COVID vaccines were unprepared, or brewed to really censor and control you.
But it goes like this, a fourth, a fifth, of people might all fall for this, they’re thinking of opposing having new jabs
have the new jab, have the new jab, have the new jab, have the new jab.

Well the science is strong, and they’ve yielded proof, you won’t grow scales or camel’s hooves, they duly checked the trials and then approved them.
It’s biological warfare, they broke all records but still took care, so please do not refuse to have the new jab.

maybe we all get misled, we see this post or a Whatsapp thread, they use conspiracy theories just to fool ya.
It’s not needle pricks to be scared about, it’s the ones who put this nonsense out. It’s absurd and it’s mistaken, have the new jab.

Maybe there’s a plan above, to implant things into our blood, but why on Earth would Bill Gates want to rule ya?
It’s not a trick to get you spayed, it’s not some change to our DNA, it’s a COVID fighting weapon, have the new jab.

There are some times we make a choice, a personal view, a protest voice, but other times we’re part of something greater.
So remember this ain’t just for you, your jab’s protecting others too, and every breath we save is hallelujah!
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

A trick to get you spayed? Now there’s a conspiracy theory I hadn’t heard yet.