TNA Is Back On Canadian TV

They didn’t tell us how many years, but TNA and the Fight Network just announced that they’ve signed a multi-year deal to bring Impact and some of the company’s other shows back to Canadian television. Since TNA’s relationship with Spike TV ended, there was no way to see Impact up here aside from torrents if you knew where to look or the YouTube thing they eventually set up which I doubt a lot of people knew about.

I’m interested to see what if anything there will be in terms of replays. Fight Network tends to run most things several times throughout the week which can be convenient, but I’ve also seen TNA and Spike try to force people into a certain time slot for the sake of ratings. Hopefully they’re smart enough to realize that ratings aren’t all that important now and that anyone with a DVR is just going to watch it when they want anyway.

Fight Network Signs Exclusive Multi-Year TV Deal with TNA Wrestling; to Air IMPACT WRESTLING, Xplosion, Greatest Matches in Canada
Toronto – Fight Network, the world’s premier 24/7 television channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports, today announced a multi-year deal with TNA Wrestling to broadcast exclusive shows and series across Canada.
Beginning this Friday, April 3, Fight Network will premiere TNA’s two-hour flagship weekly program IMPACT WRESTLING every Friday night at 9 p.m. ET. The roster features such greats as Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Lashley, Bobby Roode, MVP, EC3, James Storm, the high flying X Division, Gail Kim and the lovely and lethal Knockouts, and many more.
Premiering on Saturday nights at 11 p.m. ET, TNA Xplosion features explosive exclusive matches, a look back at historical matches, as well as pop culture roundtable discussions, plus recaps of IMPACT WRESTLING.
TNA Wrestling’s Greatest Matches, premiering Fridays at 8 p.m. ET leading into IMPACT WRESTLING, is a series looking back at the greatest feuds, match types and highlights from the careers of individual wrestlers from the past and present TNA Wrestling roster.
“TNA has been a staple and innovator in the professional wrestling business for the past decade, providing countless memorable matches and moments, while spawning the careers of new stars and showcasing all-time greats in the industry,” said Chad Midgley, VP of Content at Fight Network. “We’re excited to become the official exclusive Canadian broadcast partner. In addition to airing the popular IMPACT WRESTLING weekly show, we’ll be reliving some of the organization’s unforgettable history on the Greatest Matches series.”
“We can’t wait to be back in living rooms across Canada starting this Friday. Our fans across Canada have been vocal and incredibly patient as we worked to find a fantastic broadcast partner for IMPACT WRESTLING,” said Dixie Carter, president of TNA Wrestling. “The good news is Fight Network has picked up other TNA programming like Xplosion and Greatest Matches, so fans in Canada will now have more access than ever to the best pro wrestling entertainment in the world, including TNA Superstars and Canada’s own Bobby Roode, Gail Kim and Eric Young.”
For a full listing of Fight Network’s broadcast schedule, please visit, follow us on Twitter @fightnet, become a fan on Facebook and visit us on Instagram @fightnet.
For More Information Contact:
Fight Network
Chad Midgley
VP, Content
Fight Network
Ariel Shnerer
Director, Content & Communications

My Password Is Keep Your Mitts Off My Damn Password

I propose a new rule. Until a city/state/province/village/hamlet/nation finds itself represented by a government filled with the type of folks that can send an email without asking their grandkids for help, hands off anything to do with technology and privacy, old timer. As supporting evidence, I submit this problematic bit of Illinois’ new cyberbullying legislation, which came into force at the start of 2015.

KTVI-TV reported that the law was already making some parents deeply uncomfortable. That’s because one of its stipulations is troubling.

Indeed, this week Illinois parents began receiving a letter from school authorities informing them that their children’s social media passwords may now have to be handed over, as part of school discipline. Motherboard reports that it obtained one of these letters. It reads, in part:
School authorities may require a student or his or her parent/guardian to provide a password or other related account information in order to gain access to his/her account or profile on a social networking website if school authorities have reasonable cause to believe that a student’s account on a social networking site contains evidence that a student has violated a school disciplinary rule or procedure.
You might imagine that this stipulation only applies to school computers and activity on school premises. It does not. The schools may ask for passwords and search on the basis of any posting by a student at any time and in any place.
And who will decide what is reasonable cause? Leigh Lewis, superintendent of Triad Community Schools Unit District 2, told Motherboard that if someone didn’t cooperate, there might be trouble. Not detention, criminal charges.

Yes, if Junior or Junior’s mom and dad don’t let the school and by extension the State invade his privacy because they feel like invading it that day, they’ll drag all of ‘em through the courts where they’ll be forced to hire expensive lawyers to battle for basic human rights and common sense, perhaps winding up with hefty fines or even jail time should they run up against a judge and/or jury who’s brain functions on a level similar to that of Uncle or maybe I should say Grandpa Sam’s. How about no? Does no work for you?

So far nobody has run afoul of it, but I kinda can’t wait until somebody does, sues over it and wins. Once school boards start handing out 5 or 6 figure settlements hand over fist, we’ll see how important it really is for them to snoop through little Billy’s fishing trip photos as part of their own fishing expeditions.

Everybody Send Good Thoughts To Ann Adams

I think a lot of our regular readers remember Ann Adams, right? She’s got lots of comments on here, and often, her and Steve talk baseball. She’s been a loyal fan of ours for about 10 years or so. Holy crap that’s a long time. I thought I might meet her when I went to California to get Trix…until I realized how big California was. I was very sad. I remember her reaction when I said I was getting a guide dog. “Guide dog?” she said, “I must have missed something.” She has always been pretty cool about the whole blindness thing and would always ask us our opinions of what she read or heard about blindness. From time to time, she would send us stories she thought we’d want to put up on the blog.

Back a while ago, I noticed I would send her emails and get no response. I thought this was odd, because Ann was always speedy with her emails. I didn’t worry around Christmas because Christmas is friggin insane. But when New Years came and went, and I didn’t hear from her, I started to worry. January went by, but it was a little nuts, what with all the stuff happening to Lynne, and some other bumps in the road. When February came along, I decided I was going to figure out what was going on, one way or another. So, I broke down and…rejoined Facebook! Ack!

What? You’re all wondering why I say “rejoined”. I never wrote about this, but back mid 2013, I signed up for Facebook as an experiment. It didn’t go so well. I got accused of being a spammer, and threatened that they would shut down my account if I didn’t stop adding people I didn’t know. But everyone I tried to add were people I swore I knew.

I didn’t appreciate being accused of doing bad things, so I deleted my Facebook account as much as humanly possible, and said I would never come back. But I had no idea how else to figure out what was going on with Ann, so I came crawling back.


I found out the reason for Ann’s silence. It looks like she had a pretty massive stroke. Yup, that’ll do it. She is in a rehab hospital of sorts and is fighting her way back to something resembling normal life. As sad as I was that she was sick,, I was relieved as hell that she hadn’t passed away or something. When I searched her out on Facebook, I was scared of what I would find. It would have been hard to take losing Lynne and then Ann.

From what her friends are writing on her wall, she is making awesome progress and is in good spirits. There is hope of moving her closer to where she lives so she can be with her husband. By the sounds of her friends who post to her wall, she is getting better every day.

So, let’s all send her positive vibes. Maybe, with everyone rooting for her, she’ll be with her husband by her birthday in April.

Go, Ann, go. You’re one hell of a fighter. I wish I could do more than send some silly card with a dog on it and write random things on your wall. But California is a long way away. Just know that Steve and I are cheering for you from all the way up here.

Homemade Pill Pockets: For When Your Dog Is A Pill About Taking Pills

I got a recipe for making homemade pill pockets. I figured I’ll put this up. It might help me later on when I get a dog who doesn’t hoover up everything in her bowl, meds included. Maybe it might help Brad out with Trixeroo if she needs meds, since she was very talented at avoiding the pills she didn’t like, at least with me. Apparently this person has made this recipe, and used it with her dog and the dog seemed to think the pill pockets were yummy. Sounds awesome, since pill pockets you buy can be expensive and this sounds cheap and easy to make.

Homemade Peanut Butter Pill Pockets
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup peanut butter
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup all purpose flour

Mix in a bowl with a spoon until it forms a ball.  Then knead it with your hands to finish blending smooth.  Form into little balls or ovals the size you need for the pills your dog takes.  You can use the end of a wooden spoon to form the pocket. You can also leave it in dough form and keep it sealed in a container or baggy in the refrigerator to grab a bit of dough and form around your pill.  Makes between 30 to 75 pockets depending on the size.

Considering how much Tansy liked peanut butter when I used it to get gum off her paw, this should work like a charm if she ever gets sneaky about pills.

Two Years with the Shmansington Bear

I’m a few days late on this, but oh well.

Wednesday was the two-year anniversary of when Tansy exuberantly entered my life. I can hardly believe it. Two years. I looked at what I was up to 2 years ago today. It looks like Tansy hadn’t worn her boots for me for the first time yet, but that was going to happen the next day. We were almost done our first week of training together.

I don’t have too many new observations to write down, but I suppose I should put them here. Last winter, she hated getting groomed in the cold. She would run to her crate and hide, and I’d have to make her go out there. This winter, when I get out the grooming pack, she gets super excited. I can’t figure out why, but hey, it makes my life easier so I’m not gonna complain. The only thing I can think of is one time, she snuck a bone out onto the balcony. The next time we went out there, and she saw that bone, it was like Christmas. Now I think she hopes there’ll be a surprise bone waiting for her out there.

I could be nuts, but I think she’s trying to figure out what I want when I go to the Tim Hortons in the mall. You know how the lines in food court Tim Hortons are all screwy? There’s a gap to let people walk through and the line resumes way far from the actual counter. Once she realizes I don’t want to just pass on through, she’s started edging over towards the rest of the line. It’s not perfect, but it’s something.

She also loves pointing out that our bus is here. I don’t know if this is just something she does in the cold when she’d really like to get in where it’s warm, or whether this will continue in the summer, but it’s helpful and cute.

She’s happy to once again not have to wear those horrible boot things. I do believe we have survived another winter. It’s not totally gone, and I shouldn’t get too gleeful yet, but there is a lot of hope in the air.

I’m also happy to report that we have managed to peel off those extra hound pounds. I might even be able to tighten up that belly strap back to where it was. We’ll see. The vet tech thinks she could lose a tiny touch more, but we’re in a much happier place. Now let’s keep it that way, shall we.

On the less happy news front, a couple of my classmates haven’t had the smoothest 2 years with their pooches. The lady who I scared by talking about traffic check day had to retire her dog because he became too anxious. She went back and got another one, and they seem to be doing well together. I think she’s had her new bud for about 6 months. The other guy who’s had a rough time just had to retire his dog recently. He’s the one who tricked all the dogs into stopping by his door because he had rubbed kibble on the door frame. I thought it was a great technique. He’s also the one who asked me if I ever wake up not thinking that day is the best day of my life. He’s a good guy. He was worried about me when I was fighting my battles with the captain. I have no idea how long he’ll have to wait for a new dog.

I just realized something. Those 2 rode together in the same van. Hope it’s not jinxed. Hahah.

Overall, Tansy still has a lot of puppy in her, but she has learned one heck of a lot in 2 years. It blows my mind.

In a week and a day, we will mark the two-year anniversary of our graduation together. I really hope we have many many more years working together. What do you say, Tans?

NVDA Remote Access: It’s So Gonna Happen

I believe Carin may have left it as a comment, but it’s great news and really does need its own post.

The NVDA Remote Access project I plugged a while back absolutely crushed its funding goal. They were after $10000, and had that and then some in 2 days. As of right now, with 25 days to go, a total of $12,307 has been raised. I had a feeling they’d make it, but I didn’t expect things to go this well.

Donations can still be made and surely would still be appreciated. the more they have to work with, the better they can make this thing.

Good job, everyone.

The Alternative Vote

No election method will ever be perfect, but we can unquestionably do better than the first past the post system our country currently uses. Here’s why, in case you missed Carin’s post from about 3 years ago.

Personally I’m not one to engage in strategic voting spoiler effect or no spoiler effect, but though I hate it, I grudgingly understand why a lot of people aren’t me. Whether my guy wins or not, I sleep better at night knowing that at least I tried for him. I just cant’ sell myself out and game our fatally flawed system based on what some polls say my neighbours are thinking, because though they have some value, I don’t much trust election polls. Hello there, 2014 Ontario election.

I wish more people thought my way, but they don’t. And that’s why we need a new system. And here’s that animal kingdom guy again to go over the pros and cons of one that sounds, to me anyway, pretty promising. It’s called the alternative vote, or the ranked vote for short.

Not only would it give us majority governments that got an honest to god majority vote, but watching all the eliminations would feel a bit like sports or American Idol. And since most of us like at least one of those things, there’s a chance people could maybe get invested in the process again. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Could It Be? Could I Be Getting My Blind Guy Cable Box?

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but this nugget I found buried near the bottom of a release from the CRTC sounds pretty promising. Lord knows I’ve been surprised before, but there don’t seem to be many ways to twist this into meaning anything other than what it sounds like it means.

Improved access for Canadians with disabilities
Canadians with disabilities will have access to more content that has been adapted to their needs and which will provide them with a seamless viewing experience. The CRTC expects that when television programs with closed captioning are made available online and on mobile devices, the closed captioning will be included.
In addition, the CRTC expects broadcasters to increase the amount of programs with described video they offer over the next few years. By September 2019, most broadcasters will have to provide described video for programs aired in prime time, from 7 to 11 p.m.
Finally, the CRTC will require television service providers to make accessible hardware, such as set-top boxes and remote controls, available to subscribers, where they can be obtained from suppliers and are compatible with their networks. This requirement will be implemented by the end of 2015.

Some Pre Mania Wrestling Talk

Haven’t done this in a bit and we’re almost to Wrestlemania, so let’s play some Fact or Fiction.

1. Despite receiving the big push and judging on what you’ve seen from him, Roman Reigns is the wrong guy to main event WrestleMania 31.

Totally, but I’m not going to bother bitching about the Daniel Bryan thing again. It’s useless at this point. We’re getting what we’re getting no matter how stunningly fucking dumb it is. I have no doubt that Roman can hold up his end of a match, but that’s really not enough when it’s the main event of the biggest show of the year. Nobody wants to see him in this match. Maybe his family, but judging from some of the reactions he gets on TV I’m not even sure about that. When even the crickets are sitting on their hands, you’ve got problems. But it’s not like all those people who paid all that money to go to Mania will sit on their hands like the ones at the TV tapings. You’ve got tens of thousands of people who are ready, willing and able to bitch about the Daniel Bryan thing as loudly as they possibly can. If all of those people sit silently, WWE should count its lucky stars. Poor Roman Reigns is going to get booed out of that building through no fault of his own. Ever since he came back from his surgery, WWE has completely dropped the ball on him. Before he left, they had something. He was going through everybody and seemed like a bit of a bad ass. Now he does silly interviews, has trouble beating Kane and Big Show and they’re booking him like the little engine that could. The big hook that we’re supposed to get behind is “don’t tell me I can’t, because I can and I will”? Where do I give you my money, WWE? Sure he beat up Mark Henry, but so did Lesnar and he did it better. Had they given Reigns time to develop and get some meaningful wins (Rusev would have been a good start) we’d totally have something here, but now all we have is a heel Brock Lesnar who most of the crowd thinks is a gigantic babyface and an actual babyface nobody likes playing tug of war over the belt as the last image we see on the Raw that’s supposed to pump us up for the big day. That was awful, by the way. They’d better have a plan for this, because we could be looking at some kind of disaster here.

2. Adding an NXT event during WrestleMania weekend is WWE’s latest step in trying to kill off independent competition during their biggest weekend of the year.

It is, but why shouldn’t WWE do that? Don’t get me wrong, I love that all those smaller companies can run that week and do big houses, but those big houses only exist because it’s Wrestlemania season and people from all over the world are in town looking for something to do. WWE has every right to run another show for those people, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s an NXT card which could perhaps be every bit as fun as Mania minus the big fancy set.

3. Bobby Roode made the right call re-signing with TNA for another year.

If he’s happy, I’m happy. He’s in a plumb position on the shows, routinely having great matches with people at or near the top of the cards. If they pay him nicely and treat him well in real life, good for him. He deserves it. Why leave the devil you know for the devil you don’t? WWE messes up can’t miss signings all the time. Sometimes it’s better to be a big, well booked fish in a small pond than a “that guy still works here?” dude on a lifeboat in the middle of the world’s largest, most haphazardly slapped together ocean.

4. You are excited that Samoa Joe has reportedly agreed to terms with the WWE.

Until they rename him Ralph Johnson and then job him out constantly before eventually firing him because Vince McMahon doesn’t think he lifts enough weights, absolutely. There are all sorts of people I’d love to see him wrestle in WWE. I just hope they let him do it and be the unique talent that he is.

5. Despite the questionable booking to get there, the Intercontinental Title Ladder match will steal the show at WrestleMania.

Not sure I’m going to go that far, but it should be fun to watch. I like that in a good way, the outcome is unpredictable. I don’t think it’s anybody’s match, but 3 or 4 out of 7 seeming like they have a legitimate shot isn’t bad all things considered.

6. What is your current excitement level for WrestleMania 31?

Ahh, my favourite question again. Mike Johnson actually wrote an interesting article that I can’t find anymore the other day over at PWInsider about this very thing, going over all of the reasons we should be positive. I see where he’s coming from, but he really didn’t persuade me. Yes Sting’s first WWE match is historic, but it’s not lighting my world on fire. I like the guy, but he was never really my childhood hero and I don’t have the sense of nostalgia about him that a lot of people have. Bray Wyatt and the Undertaker seems largely pointless, as I’ve said before. I don’t need to watch Randy Orton get his revenge on the dastardly Seth Rollins, because a couple of weeks ago I saw him beat the living crap out of him for litterally 10 or 12 minutes. It was almost getting to the point where I started wondering if they were trying to pull off a double turn. What odds is Orton overcoming, exactly? The ladder match will be something to see, but it’s what happens to the winner when it’s over that’s really important. I have no faith that the battle royal will mean anything more to the winner this year than it did last year. We’ve already talked about the main event. I’ve probably missed something, but I don’t care to check. I’m just very much not feeling this show. But all of that said, it’s Mania, and that’s still enough to have me kinda sorta looking forward to it. And because it’s Mania and sometimes big things happen when you don’t expect them, I might even be rewarded.

Lunch With My Dad

Been a while since we’ve heard from Gill, but here she is.

On Friday February 27th I went to this restaurant in the town I grew up in called The Bruce Street Wine Bar with my dad. To really know him we must do some history.

Humble Beginnings

In September of 1943 war raged in Europe, and Detroit was cleaning up from a recent race riot. On the Canadian front Mildred Ardiel gave birth to a second son Douglass.

His early years were tough, however a passion for how things work and are developed on Christmas Day 1949. Only able to afford one Mechano Set his parents bought him and his brother one to share.

Dropping out of high school after tenth grade he decided to put his interest in to action. He eventually began work in Sudbury at the mines.

Flash Forward

It is the morning of February 27, and my dad and I are deciding where to go for lunch that day. When the idea of The Bruce Street Wine Bar comes up.

The Bruce Street Wine Bar

This is not your typical pizza joint, because where else can you find jars of such items as pickled squash and onions on shelves for display purposes? The toppings are not so conventional either. You can order a pizza with such toppings as leaks and spinach, or for you more traditional types they do have bacon and pepperoni. What’s also cool is that many of the toppings are locally grown.


My dad is a man with an ability to say volumes with out really saying very much, and his kindness and humility is a lesson for today’s hurrysome, and flashy world.