Bit of Pimping

Ok so turns out I’m a dumbass. As soon as I figure out how to add to the links over on the side there, I’ll do so… but until then I’m gonna do some pimping.

Since Scott Keith was good enough to give us a bit of a plug over on his blog, I’ll do the same for him. He’s got some pretty cool thoughts on life in general so go check out his blog.
Go there and then come back here.

Also, check out 411Mania. They got music, wrestling, movies, games, and comics so go check it out… and then come back here.

Lastly, go visit Carin’s homepage. She was wonderful enough to help with the HTML stuff on here that I’m too retarded to figure out.
Go there! Then bite one of your pets, then come back here.

“There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With You That Couldn’t Be Fixed By Changing Everything About You”

Think about that for a while you Hitler-like person.

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