Time For Some Pluggage

First things first, thanks Carin for helping our stupid asses with this HTML stuff, it’ll make things lots easier, unless it doesn’t work in which case you suck a fat one. Everybody should check out Carin’s website because she plays the trumpet, and everybody loves trumpets.
Go there now, you know you wanna!

Well don’t I just feel like Mr. Big Important Link Making Guy now? Actually no because this is probably going to look stupid once I post it and not evenwork at all. But in the event that it does actually look the way it should, whoreage ahead!

This is just a friendly reminder that
my radio station
is in the midst of their annual Raise Your Voice fund raising drive and they could really use your help. Listen in if the goddamn streams are actually working and you might even win things if you pledge at least 25 bucks. The fine person on the air will tell you all about how to get that pledge in there.

And don’t forget to listen Tuesday’s from noon until 2 PM eastern for my show. Well, tune in at 11 this week cause we’re going for 3 hours! Then tune in again on Wednesday for 1 hour from noon to 1 PM for the extra fill-in show that I’m doing.

Ahh hell, just go there right now!

By the way, let me know if any of this shit didn’t work. Feel free to
shoot me an email

Feel free to
email me
if you have anything to say about anything I’ve written here. Yeah, even the Pope thing.

Catch y’all later.

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