Hoe Or Hockey?

Well, with the wheel of sloth out of the way the boys over at the Edge 102 Morning Show needed to find something else to hook people on…. Well they’ve got a winner in my book.

They’ve started a new phone in contest called “Hoe or Hockey?”. It’s really a pretty simple contest. While you’re on the line they play 3 sound clips for you to guess of whether the clips have been taken from a hockey broadcast or “dirty movie” (as they call it). Obviously it’s usually very simple and easy to decide on but it’s more for humour. They’ve had some great lines like Ryan Smyth in a post game interview spouting off gems like “I’m a Banger! Big time, Baby!” or Bob Cole during a game calling out “Tucker lays the heavy speer to Roenick and he doesn’t look happy about it.”

They’ve run a few other contests similar to this one that were a lot harder to pick out at times. The most difficult one was called “Hoe Renovations” where you had to pick out whether the clip was from a “dirty movie” or from a Home Renovation shows. Again, usually it was just humour but there were rare occasions where the clips were difficult but there were some priceless lines out of that one as well like “To prevent injury, make sure you get right in there before you start pounding away!” or “Things won’t turn out the way you want if you spray the backside.”

Pretty much childish humour. But hey, I need to laugh in the mornings.

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