Seriously, somebody actually took the time to punch all of this into a search engine. As usual, this comes straight from our hit counter. 31 Mar, Wed, 14:16:26Yahoo:established a cruiserweight division, it is a unit within itself and I think the WWE has treated it fairly well. The RAW counterpart is of course the WomenÂ’sdivision, […]

The Nerves Are Setting In Already

So I leave first thing Friday morning for what can only be described as a Canadian HOTSPOT, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We’re having our Canadian National Goalball Championships out there this year and they start on Friday night. It’s weird for me. This is my third Canadian Championships and you’d think by now I wouldn’t get nervous […]

I Hope We All Still Love Lectures…. Oh And Everyone Wave Good Bye To The Retard As He Passes

Well. We’ve had this talk before and this one will be short cuz the main violater will not longer be a problem. People have internet names for a reason. People don’t want their identities revealed so they use their ‘net names. It takes a special kind of prick to sit around and try to reveal […]