This Is Full Of Satanny Goodness

This was sent to me by everyone’s “favourite” commenter, Satan. It needs no introduction so it will get none. Enjoy

I think it’s been almost a week now since I challenged our resident “Insider” Nick, to post a coherent message on the board that I couldn’t make fun of. So far I have yet to see any remotely successful attempts, with one post being so pitiful I felt it best not to comment.

That’s the real problem here isn’t it? I mean if my phone ever rang that would bother me too. Anyways I sit there all day and it never rings, so I guess I don’t really know how you feel.
Some people can be so stupid, they keep calling and calling, and they never get it that you don’t like them and want them to just stop talking.
Anyways, I’m done.
nick | 03.20.04 – 5:11 pm | #

So what do you suppose the problem is here? I don’t think the challenge is all that tough. I mean every once in a while Matt manages to post something completely coherent and sometimes he even raises valid points. But Nick, you always just seem to be spewing excrement from your mouth with out considering who it’s landing on.

I think we’d all appreciate a little courtesy in this regard. I mean there are times that after reading a post by you I feel dirty, because you’ve insulted my intelligence so much your stupidity leaves a film. You claim to be seeking acceptance from the people who read the website. What for? I mean in what way does my liking you have any bearing on your everyday life? I somehow doubt it has any.

I know what you’re saying now, ” But Satan, you only ever pick on me”, and while it’s not entirely true I will say this, nothing you say has any merit, and half the time you come off as full of yourself while you have no knowledge whatsoever of the subject. That, by the way, is known as ignorance.

So what I’m trying to say is, quit crying and take me up on my challenge. Be a man Nick, Mr Bigshot…..Show me why you’re the feature, be my biggest Nitemare. If you want a little respect from me or anyone else show some balls and state you’re own opinions and don’t copy someone elses, Bob Mckenzie can sue for that kinda stuff you know.So I’m reissuing the challenge, leave me speechless, give me Nitemares, learn to spell and use proper grammar…..Any of it, and I’ll shut up. My money’s riding on me, prove to me that Feature’s got backbone and isn’t just limp as……figure it out. The Feature Presentation isn’t always a good thing, what are you Nick: The Godfather, a powerful, frightening masterpiece or Gigli, a waste of money, time and space that will never amount to anything.


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