If There Is A God, He’s A Sick Bastard

I’ve heard it said many times that God has a sense of humour, and if there is in fact a God, I have proof that he does, and that it’s twisted as hell.

A man who comes from a place not too far away from where I live was recently out driving his car when every driver’s worst nightmare became a reality. He lost control of his vehicle and rolled it several times, ending up far off the side of the road. He came out ok however and even managed to escape the car, for the most part unhurt.

With disaster narrowly averted it was time to plan his next move. He decided to do the only logical thing a person in his situation could do, seek help. So up the hill he climbed, bravely making his way towards the side of the road that had nearly taken his life just moments earlier. Upon his arrival, he was promptly struck and killed by a hit and run driver.

After reading that story, answer this one question for me. Who’s more evil, me for laughing at this or whomever is out there pushing the buttons to run the world for randomly doing stuff like that to fuck with people?

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