And We Look Like Bigger Idiots Than Usual

I noticed something a little while ago when I was reading some of the archived stuff on the site. It seems that anything on the comment boards gets deleted after about a month or so. This kind of sucks for 3 reasons. First of all, losing some of the truly classic stuff that’s been posted […]

That’s A Great Idea

Prison Employs Inmates As Guards—————————————————————– A short-staffed prison in Mexico has hired 42 of its most fearsome inmates to act as guards. The convicts-turned-wardens will each be paid between £20 and £100 a month. They will help the real guards keep control in the overcrowded prison at Tepic. According to Mexican newspaper Reforma, the prisoners […]


I haven’t been around much lately and I’m sure you’re all wondering just where I’ve been. What’s that? You aren’t? Well too bad, I’m telling you anyway. I’ve mostly been spending my time slowly but surely taking overSalty Ham.You can find something I’ve done there pretty much every day, even if you don’t know it’s […]