SummerSlam Signs

So I was talking to Steve the other day about some of the funny signs you at televised wrestling shows. I’ve seen some really good ones and he suggested that maybe I should take one of my own to SummerSlam. I’ve been to one or two televised events before and never bothered to take one cuz I just couldn’t be bothered. I’m not sure if I will this time or not but it at least gave me an idea for a post.

My person favourite sign that I’ve ever seen goes back to the fact that people get annoyed if they’re sitting behind someone who has a large sign because it makes it difficult to watch what’s going on. The sarcastic guy sitting in front of me at the last RAW taping I attended had brought a sign with no other purpose than to annoy people as all it said was “The Guy Behind Me Can’t See.”

I thought that alone was humourous enough but I leaned forward and told him that I was partially blind and we both got a big kick out of the new double meaning of his sign.

The best one that’s been suggested to me so far for SummerSlam goes back to the irritating Diva Search that they’re doing on RAW. The sign would say “You Search For Divas. I’m Searching For The Remote.”

I thought that it might be kind of fun to ask the good readers of this site to comment with a few of their suggestions for signs that might be funny for the PPV next Sunday. Now I realize that these things normally work better on a site that people actually read and such but it’s worth a go here. Even if I don’t get one suggestion, the post was something for me to do.

So let’s see what ya got for me. I may not bother taking one at all but if something’s too good to pass on than I’ll take it. And i’m in the 12th row so who knows. Maybe your idea will end up on tv. Of course you won’t see it because no one buy’s the PPV’s anymore but you could rent it later on DVD or something and then claim that sign as yours when you watch with your friends. Of course they won’t believe you and this will all be a pointless venture for you….

Do it anyway though….

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