The Safety Dance

The old website no longer works, so I’ve removed the link. But there is now a YouTube channel! If you need an example of what you might find there, this one seems timely what with Kenny Rogers recently dying.

And it would be criminal not to post this one since wash your hands is all we’re being told these days.

Have you ever been frying up some nice, delicious hamburgers and suddenly thought to yourself “gee, I wish somebody would write a song about how to do this properly”? Me neither. But Carl Winter, a food toxicologist with the University of California did, and since nobody else was going to do it, he even went as far as to write and perform the songs himself.

Combining his musical background with his love of developing food safety education programs, Winter spends what seems to be way too much of his time writing and recording food safety parody songs. His 1 man band even has CD’s available and gives live performances, I’m not kidding.

But you don’t have to buy a CD to hear this greatness for yourself. Winter’s website features many streaming examples of his work including such classics as I Will Survive, They Might Kill You/ We are the Microbes, A Case of Norwalk and many many more. Each song even has it’s own set of Powerpoint slides if the musical experience just isn’t enough for you.

I’m trying to think of a snappy way to end this post but it’s not working so I’ll leave you with a few lyrics so you know what you’re in for, or so you know what you might be in for if you don’t visit the site and take Winter’s advice to heart.

I’ve got a sign
On my fridge door
Sayin’ go away bacteria
Cause you’re not welcome anymore
Listeria don’t scare me nor does that nasty E. coli
Hey Salmonella?
Did you think I’d lay down and die?

Oh no, not I
I will survive
Oh as long as I am careful with my food I’ll stay alive
Cause I’ve got all my safety plans
I disinfect and wash my hands
And I’ll survive, I will survive

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