If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em

Since I spend so much time making fun of the stupid things other people do, it’s only fair that I point out my own when they happen, and I think one just did.

Remember that email problem I posted about the other day? It’s been fixed because I’m smart, but from the looks of it it was caused because I’m not.

I’ve been out of town since last Wednesday afternoon when the problem started. I got here and realized hey, I’m not getting my mail, which sucked. I thought it was a problem with the provider, because it generally is. When it didn’t start working again in a few hours like it does most of the time, but then started letting me have some mail, I thought it was weird and annoying but still didn’t think much about it. But after a little while I started wondering if maybe I’d been hacked, or whether, and there was no way that this could be possible, I left my computer on at home when I left with my email program open. The same email program that I have set to log into the servers on a schedule and download anything there to my computer. Yeah, that mail program.

So after lots of waiting and cursing and a couple of calls to tech support I decided to change my password just to be safe. As soon as I did, guess what happened. If you said “you started getting mail again you stupid retard,” you’re absolutely right.

But at that point I still didn’t think I was stupid. I thought that I had either foiled a hacker by changing my password to something more complicated, or that it was a coincidence that things started to work right after I did that, because things like that can happen.

So to rule out the hacking thing I called the guy I rent my place from and asked him to go in and see if the computer was on. That was a couple of days ago and today he finally got back to me and let me know that yes, the computer was on and that he had shut it off.

I hung up the phone feeling like the biggest dumbass in the universe and rightfully so. It all made sense. I wasn’t getting mail because my home system was getting it for me. Of course I would get some of my mail, the stuff that I’d manage to collect before the home system did it’s next check. And of course things would start working again once I changed the password, because the home system wouldn’t know the new one and would therefore not be able to log in anymore. Christ, I’m such an idiot.

But on the bright side, at least nobody broke into my account, and anybody who was waiting for a response from me will probably get one once I’m back home. But God, I’m a tool. A tool who’s man enough to admit it, but still a tool all the same.

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