He’s Not Everclear But You Can Hear Him On The AM Radio

Tonight our good friend Roland from
Salty Ham
will be making his first ever radio appearance, cohosting the evening show on
SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket in Dallas Texas.

He’ll be on from 7 to 11 PM Central time which is 9 PM to 12 AM Eastern and you can listen live by going to the station’s website which is linked above
and again here.

Good luck to you my friend and remember, there’s no need to be nervous. Radio is exactly like carrying on a normal conversation, accept that there are microphones right in your face and thousands of people listening to you all over the state of Texas in their homes, offices and cars, and thousands more listening in via the world wide web. Other than that, it’s exactly the same. Seriously, it’s nothing to get nervous about. Just lighten up, be yourself, and have fun with it and you’ll be fine.

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