Obvious Pompous Asses

Don’t you just hate it when you meet someone who just exudes pompous assedness? It doesn’t matter what they say. They could say the most profound thing, which they incidentally never do because they can’t, but they can say the most well-intentioned thing anyway, and you can’t take them seriously. In fact, the whole time they’re talking, you can feel yourself becoming unexplainably enraged at them, and wish they’d just shut up and go away.

I met such a person the other day. He’s the president of my university, great joy. I was at a ceremony to kick off that disability awareness campaign thingy. And of course the first one to make a speech would be our president, Sir bullshitalot. Wish that was his name, but hell that’s what it’ll be here. He stood up and rambled about how we must not focus on disabilities, but abilities. Ok, that makes sense, sort of. But people have to realize barriers exist so they can disappear and *then* we can focus on abilities. But you can’t live in an idealized world, say they don’t exist, bury your head in the sand and expect people’s *abilities* to shine. Anyway, that’s a side point. The point is he seemed so insincere about it. It was almost like he had reverse Charisma! The whole time he was talking, I was having a mental war. Half of me was saying, “Ok, I’m glad the president came, it’s a good sign. It’s an ok speech I guess.” And the other part of me was just repeatedly chanting, “Shut! Up! Shut! Up! You don’t know jack squat! And Worse than that, you don’t care! You wouldn’t stop to help an old lady who fell down! If you really cared, you would make more buildings wheelchair accessible and have more rooms outfitted with the system for the hearing impaired!” This was immediately followed by the other half of me saying, “That makes no logical sense. You don’t know his real personality. Maybe he’s a real nice guy. And things are geting better. Things have gotten a lot better than when you first arrived. What is your problem? Listen to his speech and calm down!”
But the thing is I couldn’t. He even managed to piss me off by his final line of his speech. He turned to the speaker who was going to speak next and called him a true role model. Uh-huh. And I am to believe that he truly believes that in his heart of hearts. When someone calls someone else a role model, they have to be sincere. They can’t make it sound like they probably just read his profile this morning while writing this PR stunt speech to decide what flowery words to say.

This seemingly complete fake’s speech, along with a few other things that happened, soured me on the whole event. Now that’s some power you don’t want to possess. The part that baffles me is how did this guy get voted in? Were the candidates really that shitty? Or is there something truly amazing about him that I don’t know? Or did he bribe someone? Maybe I’ll go for a bit of column a. and a bit of column c. Excuse my synical attitude.

Has anyone else met someone with this kind of reverse charisma? Or am I just weird?

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