You Are Here?

That’s right, we’re doing searches again. This one’s going to be fairly quick since a lot of this stuff makes fun of itself so I don’t have to say much.

Thanks, as usual, go out to the deviants and generally insane people who make this all possible.

I’ll warn you ahead of time, this is going to suck. It will by no means be nearly as funny as the last one or the ones before it. It will probably be even less funny than some of the ones that you might not have thought were that good.

08 Mar, Tue, 06:03:18
Randy Orton’s naked pictures

Of who?

Ahh forget it, it’s not like whoever this is is going to get a grammar joke anyway, so I won’t waste my time.

07 Mar, Mon, 11:50:16
fuck your wife in divorce court

I can’t decide if this guy is looking for a restraining order or a reconciliation.

14 Mar, Mon, 13:40:07
masterbating with vomit

I’m not even gonna touch that one, but I bet if I did it would be squishy.

13 Mar, Sun, 18:25:00
fucking lucky ass bitchs that write random lyrics and somehow get bands to sing it so that the writer gets money

I think it might be time for another translation contest. I’m lost.

14 Mar, Mon, 12:54:55
The couple was arguing Saturday because the man, whose name was not released, wanted to end the year-old relationship, Shell said. The pair decided to have sex, and the man agreed to have his arms tied to a window handle above their bed. The woman pulled out a kitchen knife and severed his penis, police said.

I didn’t include this because I have no idea what this person is looking for, it’s because I do. This guy quoted pretty much every detail, word for word, from the severed penis article I posted a few weeks ago. What I can’t figure out is why would you waste your time if you have the whole thing in front of you? What new information could we possibly have to offer a guy who’s quoting half the article?

See, I told you this would suck. I’ll try to do better next time, but I’m only as good as what I have to work with.

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