Phew! That scared me!

I was walking home tonight from swimming, and it was getting a little late. I hate walking home in the dark. It creeps me out, and don’t start with the, “But you’re always in the dark” shit. You know what I mean. I just have this way too overactive imagination. it picks that time of night to dredge up all the old crime scenarios I’ve ever heard of and fling them at me in rapid succession. Then I hear theme songs from crime shows, clips from the spookiest urban legends you’ve ever been told, and everything else dark and freaky you can imagine. To add to the fun, sometimes I imagine I can hear footsteps following me, and then I realize it’s a leaf stuck to my foot. No really, I’m not paranoid.

But tonight I got a good scare. I got to my entrance…and opened it to find flashing lights! It looked like lightning striking in the inside of the little lobby thingy before my actual apartment. I guess the florescent light that is always on has decided it’s time to die…but why did that have to happen at night? Holy Jesus Murphy that scared me. And now that you’re all thoroughly bored, I’ll go away.

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