Derek Edwards was Fun

I almost feel like there’s not much more to say than that, but what the hell? Steve heard a while ago that Derek Edwards was coming to town, so we decided to go. At this point you’re going, who the fuck is Derek Edwards and why should I care? Well you should care because you should see him, and you should see him because he’s funny. In case you hhaven’t guessed, he’s a comedian.

I’d seen him on TV and I remembered he was funny. But you know he’s funny when before the first ten minutes of the show are over, he can make you laugh so hard you’re crying. Holy shit he’s funny. At first I thought he’d been drinking a bit before the show and thought, oh boy, we’re in for a few surprises. But he has this weird way of changing his voice from mumbly and slurry to perfectly crystal clear in the blink of an eye. And he has this really awesome way of finding the smallest things that you don’t really think about and making them completely hilarious. He even gave me a new name for someone you think is a knob. Ted! Thank you, Canadian Tire guy.

But you know tallent when the lights and mics go off and he can just go on and make a joke out of that. I was even wondering if it was part of the joke somehow. But when I came home and saw my own power had flickered, I realized it was no joke.

If Derek Edwards comes to your town, go see him! If not, then I guess I’ll have to call you Ted!

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