Stalker’s Drug Mmart

I heard something on the news that just gave me the shivers. The Canadian Pharmacists’ Association is changing it so that people who get the morning after pill have to give the pharmacist their names, addresses, phone numbers, and details about there sexual activity before they can get it. This is apparently to make sure people are using it appropriately and effectively. Doesn’t that just make you shake your head and go, huh?

In case you didn’t know what the morning after pill is, it’s a few pills you get within the first couple days after a roll in the hay that you think might have gotten you pregnant to stop the pregnancy from going too far. It’s basically like a whole bunch of the stuf that’s in a month’s worth of birth control pills all squished into a couple of pills. it used to only be available by prescription, but now they made it available over the counter, presumably to make it easier to get than before. Do you see where I’m going?

If you have to give all this info to some random pharmacist, how many people actually will? Now, instead of a bunch of people using the morning after pill and no one having stats on its effective use, oh fiddledy dee, we’ll have a bunch of unwanted children instead. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful plan?

And, why is there any good reason for someone to collect these people’s addresses and phone numbers? Are they trying to create a “for a good time, call” database? Someone’s phone number isn’t going to tell you if they know all the right info about the plan B pill. Why not just take each person who requests it aside and tell them the info they need to know and not bother taking shit down and filing it away for tracking purposes? Isn’t that what they say pharmacists should do anyway in all those commercials with the cute old ladies?

If I am to take these people on faith that this is something they need to do to make sure people are taking their medicine as directed, why not do it for everything you get over the counter? Why not ask for someone’s headache history when they need a pain-killer? Why don’t they ask if you’ve bought other cough syrup when you break down and get some Buckly’s? *Everything* can be abused and administered the wrong way. That Southpark episode about cough medicine abuse was a joke, but I’m sure there’s some base to it. Hell, some of the stuff in crystal meth comes from cold medications. While we’re at it, why not ask people if they’ve ever had drug charges brought against them because they want something to make them stop hacking up a lung? Surprisingly, extreme as it may be, it makes more logical sense than this shit.

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