Cheap Plugs And Pointless Awards

Ok, time for me to whore myself out a little.

The good people over at
Salty Ham
are in the middle of celebrating 2 years of existing, and there are a lot of things going on over there right now. Among them is the Top 50 Current Wrestlers list, the first part of which you can read
I wrote stuff there, go check it out if you’re either a wrestling person or a Steve person. Do Steve people actually exist? Probably not, but I can pretend.

And I know that this has nothing to do with anything, but as of Tuesday night, I’m convinced that pop music is pretty much dead. They actually presented something called the Ringtone of the Year Award during the Billboard Music Awards that night. Why do ringtones need their own award? You know who deserves his own award? The first guy to get so pissed off when he hears one of those fucking things in a public place that he kicks the person square in the nuts and shoves his cell phone up his ass. Then again, watching the Billboard Music Awards in the first place is a pretty good indication of what sort of state pop music is in, ringtones or no ringtones, so maybe I’m just getting way too worked up about this. That being said, piss off with the ringtones already, would ya please? It’s a phone for God’s sake, not a fucking jukebox.

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