Enlighten me, Please.

I’ve noticed this weird trend with some of my friends who have MSN Messenger. You know how that works, right? You have a sign-in name and password that you can use anywhere that has MSN Messenger to go online and chat to your list of contacts that you’ve added to it. This becomes important.

I know people who have multiple MSN accounts for different places. Some have home and work accounts, some have an account for their desktop and one for their laptop. My question is a simple one. Why? We all know that a human being cannot be in two places at once. So there is no foreseeable reason to need multiple accounts because you talk to people from different places, since one of the cool things about MSN Messenger is you can sign into your same account from anywhere.

I could see it in the case of a home and work account if the person wanted only people they needed to contact quickly at work on the work account without having to deal with mesages from Uncle Bob, Cousin Frank, neighbour Tom and best friend Bill. But that’s not what these people with home and work accounts do. Oh no. They add everyone from their home account to their work one. Why make so much duplication?

I can even see people creating a backup MSN account because they’re going to ditch the first address and don’t want to lose their contacts, but this is even a little weird because they can save their list from their old account and just import it to their new one. But if they decided to do that, logic would then dictate that they wouldn’t sign in to the backup account at the same time as their first account, right? Well that’s not what some of these people do. I’ll be online and actually see them marked as online on both accounts at the same time! Then I have to ask myself, “How can they use them both? Do they have super powers and can fly between computers? Are they sitting between the computers and making themselves feel important by talking to the same person twice?” In either case, why bother? Why is this even necessary? Can somebody give me some reason why people do this so it makes sense to me? I can’t find it.

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