Why All The Fear? This Isn’t Singapore!

I already know this, but I had it brought back to me today as I was walking around the mall. Maybe someone can explain this to me. Why are people so afraid of the white cane? I mean, I know why some people from China are afraid of the cane because it’s got some bad superstition attached to it. But I see completely white people jump out of the way as if fire and lightning bolts came out of the end of the cane with the ability to fry anyone in its path. Not once, but at least three times, I watched a seemingly terrified mother pull her children out of the way, and when one was back in front of me, she shriekd, “Aaaa! Insert child’s name. Look out!” So I know that warning shriek wasn’t intended for me. A while back, a friend of mine would walk far away from me so I couldn’t possibly hit her with the cane.

What is so terrifying about a white cane? I don’t even swing it around crazily or anything. Sometimes the tip doesn’t even leave the ground and people freak. Are they afraid of the cane, or is it me? If they’re afraid of me, they need to get out more. I mean, by the time these people’s kids reach age 10 or so, they’ll probably be taller than I am. Do they think that, if they don’t get out of my way post haste, I’ll start wildly clubbing them with my cane and steal their helpless kids? Granted my cane would probably hurt some if I used it as a weapon, but that’s not the point. That’s not what it’s intended for, and that’s not what I’m using it for. So, if you’re one of those people who are deathly afraid of my cane, or if you know someone who is, can you please tell me why there’s so much fear.

As an aside, would you believe that if you go to the right shoe-repair place, they’ll replace the lythium battery in a talking watch? That’s just mind-boggling, and I thought it might help someone who, like me, couldn’t even hope to make that leap of logic!

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