And….. Plug!

Well nothing makes me feel more at home on the Ol’ VC than pimping shit that has nothing to do with the VC. That’s just what we do. Especially when we first got started. So I might as well do it again.

Yesterday I made mention of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life and the fact that I was enterring a team. And while none of you uncreative pricks were able to offer up a name that satisfied the group… or a name at all… I was asked to put up the link to sponsor our team. So I am certainly more than willing to do that. The site’s totally secure so no worries about that. Anything you can afford is a help. Every little bit helps, as they say.

Click here to sponsor Matt!

Upon re-reading my post it strikes me I shouldn’t have called you all pricks directly before asking you for your money…. Live and Learn

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