The Redicuclock

Is it true the best rants are always when your day starts like shit? I don’t know if that’s the case or not – but if it is this may be the best post I’ve ever had – cuz I’m sure not happy. Unfortuantely, since I’m also not well-rested, it probably won’t be.

Our family owns a business. During the summer my sisters and myself come home and work there. It’s a construction company so everyone who works out on the crews or around the shop or complex have to be there significantly earlier than those of us who work in the office which opens at 8. The office ison the same property.

So there are 2 carpools out to the place every morning. One with my Dad because he oversees all the sites and shop stuff and needs to be there by shortly after 6, and one with my sister to the office which opens at 8. Since none of us particularly enjoy being up and showered in tiem to leave home at 5:35, we usually go with my sister since we’re all going to the office anyway. In theory, there is no problem since we’re all going from the same place, to the same place. Also, in theory, communism works.

Unfortunately things that work in theory don’t always work in real life. The 3 of us that travel with my sister on “the late bus” all get up around the same time and need to shower and whatnot. Usually not a problem but every so often it can be if someone is takign too long in the bathroom or something.

Then there is the dispute on how early you need to be there to “get ready” to work. For two of us, “getting ready” means pulling out the chair at our desk and sitting down. For the third, it involves changing from shoes to work boots to go outside. None of which takes more than a minute. For some reason this is a large source of debate considering it’s about a 20, 25 minute tops, drive and we are leaving the house at 7:08 which in some people’s minds is pointless, but in teh mid of the person who owns the car, is not. This brings us to the real problem.

The Redicuclock. We have a clock in the kitchen that is 10 minutes fast. I don’t know why. We’re not really one of those family that goes by that entire thinking of if I move my clock ahead, I’ll never be late or anything. It just is – and we’re not allowed to fix it. It’s not really that big of a deal any time except at 7:05 in the morning.

What happens at 7:05 in the morning? Well the driver swears up and down it is 7:15 because she has lived with this thing for so long and is pissed that the rest of the world doesn’t think so.

I get up at 5:55 every god damn morning I’m home(to beat anyone to the shower who is getting up at 6 cuz i’m an ass that way). I shower, shave and all that jazz before I go back to the basement where my room is. I also grab a piece of fruit. I go downstairs, put on some music or SportsCentre and start getting dressed or ready which really doesn’t take that long but I need that time in the morning before it’s a good idea for me to talk to anyone. I’m a horrablemorning person. When my clock (which is on par with the satellite dish and THE REST OF HUMANITY) says 7:00am. I head upstairs. All thats left for me to do before I go is brush my teeth, a glass of water and an apple for the road. Hardly a 15 minute job which I should have time for because, well, I’m not supposed to leave until 7:15.

However. Upstairs the driver is looking at 7:10, fully aware that the clock is wrong and not caring. I come upstairs, in no rush and carry out what’s left to do. I go throw my shoes on and am ready to go at 7:08. Unfortunately. That’s 7:18 on the Redicuclock. And we’re late. Not late for work since if we left at 7:08 we’d get to work at 7:43 at the latest and be still 17 minutes earlier than anyone else.

This thing causes the most rediculous fights. The clock is fast so I’m not really late, and even if it was that time we would still be early. I’m just as guilty as everyone but the whole thing is pointless. It’s pointless to not be allowed to touch the clock, to argue over it, to need to leave it 7:15, and especially to leave at what the rest of the world is calling 7:05.

Two days ago was a huge blow up about it and while we were fighting about being late because we’re leaving at 7:17 the god damn radio comes right out and says it’s fuckin’ 7:07. I asked if she heard that and she said it doesn’t matter. That’s the logic. It doesn’t matter. I’m ready to snap on this god damn thing.

So I finally caved. I was just going to get up in the middle of the night and fix it but I caved and changed my clock to match the Redicuclock. I am now part of the insanity. I am not part of any time zone, I live 10 minutes ahead of the rest of the world, and I’ll have to come to grips with it.

Have a wonderful day

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