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So I’m at work – as usual – and rediculously unmotivated today. Yesterday seemed to fly by and I got tons accomplished but this morning is just so blah. So I cam on here. But I’ll warn. If you have things to do but are sticking around in case I say something funny/relevant/important you’re probably wasting your time.

So I just read Carin’s post on all the things she’d miss about her place. I haven’t been to visit her since she moved out of her last place so haven’t seen it but I thoroughall enjoyed the read. Mostly because it was original. So often on these things it’s not and we post links or stories or things like that. And they’re funny or interesting but I’ve always enjoyed the content that Steve, Carin and even sometimes myself have been able to come up with on our own. From everyday life to great stories or takes on pop-culture, it just seems more fun. I know I’m probably the most guilty of unoriginality (when I’m here that is). I seem to recall a few years back posting nothing but rip-offs from X Entertainment as Hallowe’en and Christmas countdowns. I dunno. Not that any of this matters. I just kinda hit me after reading Carin’s post.

The whole “Terror In Toronto” thing is everywhere right now. It’s made International headlines all over the world. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be big news…. here. Sure most people know and it’s getting lots of coverage – but it’s amazing how many people know nothing about it. Can’t imagine being that oblivious. Turn on a radio, grab a paper, anything. Good god, man, it’s the world around you.

I saw a man interviewed walking in to the Toronto Stock Exchange on Monday morning (one of the buildings supposedly targetted) who had no idea that the very building he worked at could have been blown off the map before he showed up to work. It’s scarey.

This whole thing makes me feel compelled to say something about tollerance. We have a small group of loyal readers that makes up, in reality, an extremely low percentage of the population, and I think that they’re all smart enough to already know this but I still feel like it should be put out there as often as possible.

There have already been incidents at different Muslim houses of worship and other structures, strikes against Muslim homes and general coldness towards anyone appearing to practise the Islamic faith. This is a terribly unfair and racist re-action. An entire race of people cannot be grouped in with one group of evil people. An overwhelming majority of Arabs in our country are here because a member of their family came here to enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy, not to destroy them. We need not be reminded that Timothy McVeigh, the man killed many in the Oklahoma City bombings was the shitest redneck you’ll ever meet. Evil knows no skin colour or religious belief.

Tollerance is more important these days than it ever has been before – but as I said – I’m sure I”m speaking to a group who doesn’t need me to point this out.

Be Safe

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