Better Late Than Never

Back in December of 2003, I posted an
about a man named George Pavlovszky. Well, I just found out that his kid, or at least somebody claiming to be his kid, didn’t really like it too much. I didn’t get these comments until right now, partly because things used to disappear after a few months and partly because he posted them underneath the wrong post, but here they are now.

Hey, I was looking through all of the stuff on my dad and I came acrossed this page. I just thought id let you know the real story… I dont appreciate people bad talking my dad when they dont even know what happened.

My Dad is a great guy and always was, He may have a short temper but hes a really nice guy, Friendly and all.

The reason my dad, George Pavlovszky, Did what he did is because he has been working there over 20 years and lately they have been screwing around with him alot. About 1 week before he did this, They were getting my dad to train two guys to do Hisjob, Which to let you know, He cuts down trees for the City of Moncton, And thats also his private work, He doesnt work in the Post Office, I dont get where you would get that Idea… Anyway, My dad got mad because his bosses were going to get these two guys to take his Job and then they were going to fire him or something like that.

And also, My dad is now being screwed around by the Union. They arnt helping him at all, Its not what you think. They are now screwing with him. They HAVE to help anyone with getting their job back but they are basicly ignoring my dad. I dont know really anything else to say, But yeah, I just wanted you to know the true story. And because of this, I will be spending my christmas alone, Without my dad. Hes a great man, But he does lose his temper easily. Hes getting out soon, But not soon enough.

–Steve Pavlovszky–

( The 14 Year Old Son Of George Pavlovszky )
Steve Pavlovszky | 12.09.03 – 9:06 pm

A few quick comments.

1. Sorry for not getting to this sooner, we’re usually a lot quicker than this.

2. I’m sorry to hear that you had to spend Christmas without an important member of your family. that’s got to be hard to deal with, especially when the reason why is such a public one.

3. Saying he’s got a short temper is an interesting way of putting it.

4. The post office thing was a joke. I don’t actually think he works there. Ask somebody what the term going postal means and it’ll make a lot more sense.

5. And finally, I hate to say this, but the union probably decided to ignore your Father because he’s a public relations nightmare. Even if he’s the nicest guy in the history of history, it’s kind of hard to explain fighting for the rights of a drunk guy waving a gun around at the office. Maybe that doesn’t make what they’re doing right from your perspective, but that’s how the world works. Like it or not, public perception means a lot, and the way that Dad was presented in the media and by you in your comments since you didn’t deny that he did what he did doesn’t paint him in a very good light. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of unions, but I can’t sit here with a straight face and say they’re wrong for not taking his case. the kind of man he is off the clock doesn’t mean a thing to them, and it shouldn’t. What matters is that he was fired for doing something that I hope we would all be fired for. Under those circumstances, it doesn’t make any sort of good sense for them to tarnish their reputation by defending him, which was my point in the original post.

Thanks for writing in, and I really hope you see this some day.

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