Hippest Birthday Ever

And that friends probably goes down as my lamest Title ever. Humblest apologies for subjecting you to it. Onward!

So today is your third favourite VC writer’s birthday! Hizzah! Yes there’s been merriment abound today with well wishes, cards, a free lunch and so on. Not too shabby. I gotta tell you, though, that this has been one of the more depressing birthdays. Maybe that’s the wrong word. Maybe thought-provoking is better. I’m 23. No special number. Nothing changes in terms of benefits or legalities. Just 23. Yet it bugs me. 22 was fine – but 23 feels close to 25. And 25 is damn close to 30, and 40 and then dear god it’s down hill from there. I’m not depressed. I’ve just never had to answer the old “do you feel any older” question with a “yes” before.

Anyway – the family celebration is tonight. They’ve just opened up a Crabby Joe’s near my house. That’s the bar that our crew all hangs out at in Belleville as it’s right behind our house. It’s perfect. So I figure it’s time to christen the new one here in Oshawa. So the family is headed up there for dinner/wings and some beers. It should be pretty good.

The big celebration with my friends is this Saturday as it is to take place at Toronto’s Fort York. The Tragically Hip are playing a huge show there that a big group of us from schol got tickets to somehow – as the show sold out in minutes. My buddy’s birthday is next week so it fits in well between the two birthdays and it should be a huge piss up surrounding the show. Unfair to put “Jays Game” expectations on it – but should it reach that level I’ll definitely give it equal story telling time. Irregardless I’ll report back on the show as it should be a blast.

I think that’s it other than that we should all flame Steve for the fact that they played in his very hometown last week and, as far as I know, he did not attend despite the fact that from what I”m told by people that went, tickets were much easier to get. For shame, Steve. for shame.

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