Bobcaygeon, No.
Wheat Kings, No
Fireworks, No.
That Night In TORONTO!!!! No.
New Orleans, No.
Ahead By A Century, No.
Vaccination Scar, No.
Music at Work, No.

These, my friends, are songs that the Hip elected not top lay at their concert. That’s right. Saturday night in Toronto – they didn’t play THAT NIGHT IN TORONTO! Now – do I like all of the songs on this list? No. But I do most. And they were hits so someone liked them. And given how many people were at this show and paid nearly 50 bucks to be there – you probably should have played them.

I don’t have a problem with no stuff or mixing it up. But 2 songs no one new the words to in the encore? What? Why’d you even come back out? You just pissed people off more. And believe me. People were PISSED walking out of there. Andl istening to the Classic Rock station on the way home that was pimping up post-Hip parties at different bars. Well they had people on who were also pissed.

No one should be surprised. Gord Downie has a history of playin what he wants when he wants. So this should be no shocker. But it’s still ignorant.

So what did they play? Alot of new stuff which wasn’t bad, alot of stuff from old albums that never made it as hits and about 4 or 5 hits.

– Nautical Disaster – my favourite Hip song, luckily, or I’d be even more annoyed.
– Courage – which was done as a very well said tribute to the Nurse’s at Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital. “We may not ever know what Heaven is – but we know what Hell is – a child in pain. A nurse can do more than any priest, a nurse can do more than any government, a nurst can do more than any lawyer. This is for the Nurses at Sick Kids”. I thought it was a nice touch.
100th Meridian, 38 Years Old, and It’s A Good Life If you Don’t Weaken.

That was it for hits. Was it a bad show? No. The stuff they did was good and high energy and the crowd was in to it (at the beginning anyway before the clock was winding down and they weren’t playing any hits). Would I go see them again? Probably. But not until they’re old and are like the Stones and are touring just for the hits. Other than that I can now say I’ve seen Canada’s biggest Rock band – and I’m content with that.

The rest of the day with the guys was good and fun – but not wild. Some wandering Toronto, looking at music stores at sweet guitars. Nothing ground breaking or story warranting.

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