Snakes on a Plane

You’ve gotta be kidding me. We’ve sunk to this level? This is all we can come up with to scare people these days? Absolutely brutal. And what an original title. “Hey what’s your new movie about, Mr Jackson?” “some snakes on a plane.” “Wow sounds interesting – what’s it called?” “Snakes on a Plane”. Just wonderful.

But we all know how Hollywood works and for the next year w’ll be getting variations on this if it makes any money.

Like this Fall’s blockbuster “Bee in my Car”. And we all know Samuel L Jackson’s enjoyment of over-acting and his tendency to over-use the term “motherfucker”. “There’s a motherfucking bee – in my mother fucking car! How am I supposed to drive?” “There’s a mother fucking possom in the bank. These mother fucking possom’s ain’t even pretending to be asleep – they ain’t playing mother fucking possom!”

“There’s a mother fucking ‘coon in the mother fucking prison”. Wait. I guess that’s not so obsurd. Maybe “There’s mother fucking ‘coons in the mother fucking library!” Ya that’s better.

And look out for next summer’s big money maker, starring Mel Gibson “there’s mother fucking Jews – in my mother fucking country!”

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