Oh That’s Just Gay

So on the same news show last night as the big Jew story I asked about yesterday – they were also talking about something that kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

Apparently a while back, a gay couple won some kind of court ruling over the province of British Columbia when they argued that text books in public schools painted a purely heterosexual point of view and made no mention at all of any gay or lesbian couples in any of the text books, or children’s books for younger grades.

Their point was that for perhaps an 8th grader who was having trouble realizing their own sexual preference, it might be helpful for them to know that there were great figures in the past who accomplished great things while living a homosexual lifestyle. Or that perhaps it would be easier for them to come out if all kids had read stories as younger children where the parental or adult figures were 2 men or 2 women as opposed to the traditional man and woman.

That, in and of itself is an interesting point of view that may or may not be correct. And, really, I had no problem with the story until they continued.

The court ruled that this couple would be given the chance to go through all texts uses in British Columbia school’s searching for prejudice to homosexuals and examples of favouring heterosexuals. They would have the authority to change and alter texts to include more “homosexual content”. (whatever that means).

Again, I thought for a minute not really sure what to think. I mean I’m not really against the idea of having examples of gays in the texts – but it’s a point that was made by a parent at a protest that brought up something I hadn’t considered before that made me upset.

This parent brought up that there is now 2 people, not elected by ANYONE from the public determining what his children would learn in school. These men did nothing but win a court ruling that said the text were wrong – and suddently they’re qualified to re-write them? Whether you’re gay, straight or somewhere in the middle – if you weren’t elected by the public or appointed by someone who was or hell! even don’t have kids – you have no right to be putting your opinions in text for the children of the province to learn. PERIOD! It’s that simple. You’re nobody. And make no mistake. That’s all this is – their opinions. When these things are put together they go through countless different people to make sure it’s alright. Writers, editers and educaters all have a say in it – and now it’s been boiled down to what? Two gay men who happened to disagree. The point of whether or not the books are too gay or not gay enough is not even an issue if you have no right to be re-writing this stuff.

The most disturbing point of all of this – the reporter came on at the end to comment on the protests and petitions that were flooding in to the provincial government’s office. She said that no matter how many protesters and petitions sat at the government’s door – it wouldn’t change anything. These changes were coming no matter what. Why? Because a court order is legally binding between these 2 individuals and the government since they were the ones involved in the court case. That’s just infuriating to me. If 100 per cent of the population was against this, it still wouldn’t matter because one judge said these men were right – and everyone elses kids were the ones to be affected.

Bullshit. Just bullshit.

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