Fume Fume Rage Rage Spit Spit Rar~!

Excuse the incoherent splattering of rage. But this pissed me off. I swear, crap never ends with these people. Remember the Take Back the Night March and our food-bringing vigilantes? Well, they’ve sunk to a brand new low. Today, I get an email from them. It says that they’re actually in debt, so could we […]

Goodbye MSN Messenger, You Just Nudged Yourself Off my Computer.

Ug! That’s all I can say about MSN Messenger 7 and above. Full of bloated garbage, buttons and ads. You can’t even get rid of a bunch of the buttons. You can just move them around. If you lie and say it’s a shared computer, some of them disappear, but not all of them. Then […]