The Pedestrians on the Street go Squish Squish Squish?

If some day I’m no longer posting on here and I mysteriously disappear, you can probably guess that I was hit by an insane driver. What is with the drivers up in this part of town? It’s like they don’t bother to look at traffic lights and just barge on through. I know we live on a street that merges with a highway, but here’s a tip. When you’re at a traffic light, it’s not the highway anymore! People do cross there. I have almost been hit by a city bus and several cars, and most times, someone has come by right about then and said yes, it was my time to cross. One day, an older lady who always wants to look out for me walked up to one of these cars, managed to knock on his window without getting ploughed down, and basically told him he should learn to drive better because he almost hit a blind lady. I wished she hadn’t made a scene and was glad she told the driver off and nothing happened to her, all at the same time.

I don’t know how more people don’t die at this intersection. Several times a day, I hear long stretches of squealing tires, but miraculously, I’ve never heard the smash that should follow. Honestly, I see more and more reasons why everyone who drives a car should be tested every few years to see if it’s safe for humanity to let them drive, and some people’s driving privileges should be revoked immediately!

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