Pet Look-Alike? How About Pet-Think-Alike!

Steve sent me this story a few days ago, but I’ve either been too busy, too tired or not here at all so it didn’t get posted until now, which is a tragedy! Ok, let’s start roasting!

Owners sue LA agency for not turning pets into stars

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Stage mothers for a Rottweiler and other dogs have sued a company called Hollywood Paws for failing to turn their pooches into stars.

More than a dozen pet owners contend the company collected tens of thousands of dollars but never delivered on promises to get film and television auditions for their pets.

I was sympathetic to them, until I read…

“I lost a lot of money,” said Rachel Armstrong, owner of Goliath the Rottweiler.

Armstrong said she believed her dog had the “cool” factor that would get him into music videos and paid nearly US$2,000 to Hollywood Paws LLC for training.

All she got was a rejection from “The Tyra Banks Show.”

First of all, cool factor? He’s a dog! I love dogs, but this is over the top! And if she even got a letter from any show, they did what they could. Maybe he’s meant to be, um, a dog?

Lawyer Cynthia Mulvihill filed the suit in Superior Court earlier this month.

How much do you want to bet that *when* this case flops, these same people sue this lawyer for not getting them a win as promised?

“Who wouldn’t want to be told, ‘Hey your member of the family is beautiful and should be in the movies’?” she asked.

And what did that even have to do with whether or not this thing even belongs in a court?

Hollywood Paws offers training in such media skills as getting a pooch or cat to crawl, freeze or scratch on command.

On its Web site, the company warns: “Completing these courses won’t guarantee that your house pet will become a screen pet.”

What’s that sound? Your case evapourating?

The business also has a talent agency and bills itself as “a way to effectively link animal actors and studio trainers with professionals in the entertainment industry looking for new talent.”

Hollywood Paws owner Larry Lionetti contends he never promised acting jobs, although he said several animals had won spots in commercials.

“Everybody knows down in your town that there are actors and actresses waiting on tables until a part comes along,” he said. “Who in L.A. doesn’t know this?”

This concludes another episode of wow, we’re stupid! What’s going to become of us?

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