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It seems like I say this every time I start one of these things, but I have to say it again. It’s been way too long since we’ve done this, sorry about that. It’s also been way too long since I’ve done pretty much anything around here, so sorry about that too, unless you hate me of course, in which case I respectfully invite you to go suck a dick. But before you head off in search of a heaping mouthful of wedding tackle, don’t forget to take a second to thank Carin for keeping things going around here while I’ve been downed by the worst cold ever and while Matt’s been off sleeping with zoo animals or whatever it is he does now. Great job Carin, I have no idea what we’d do without you.

Anywho, enough of that. We’re here to make fun of people who may or may not be our readers, so why waste any more time than we absolutely have to?

14 May, Sun, 19:37:58
MSN Search:
Strap-on Disabled Sex

Am I the only one with a vision in my head of somebody walking down the street with a gyrating backpack full of paraplegics over his shoulders? What’s that? I am? Ok then, let’s move on, that was getting a little weird anyway.

14 May, Sun, 19:56:25
MSN Search:
does john cena do his own laundry?

I have no idea, but I’d be surprised if with a schedule such as his he would have time to iron his own shirts. That will be funny to exactly 2 people, those people being me and Carin. But if you’re going to get upset about inside jokes here, you just haven’t been paying attention.

06 Nov, Mon, 18:10:09
Mickie James sphincter

That shouldn’t be too hard to find, since according to this entry on Wikipedia she has at least 42 of them, as do the rest of us.

06 Nov, Mon, 20:14:02
Mickie James sphincter pictures

My guess is they’re probably hiding out with those pictures of Randy Orton’s penis that everybody keeps looking for.

01 Nov, Wed, 07:43:19
MSN Search:

Can bad milk make your vomit what? Appear? Sing? Dance? Produce the complete works of Shakespeare like those typing monkeys from that old saying? Do a body good? I can’t possibly answer the question if you don’t finish asking it. Sure I know almost everything, but even I have my limits.

17 Jun, Sat, 23:20:28

If you can catch one, you probably have the ability to do it.

29 Oct, Sun, 01:28:28
copulating midgets

I think it’s great that you used a big word like copulating, since you know how sophisticated those midget porn sites can be sometimes.

07 Jul, Fri, 12:42:23
MSN Search:
are urinals really necessary?

At first I laughed at this, but once I stopped and thought about it a little more I came to realize that it’s actually a matter of perspective and that more than likely in some circles it would be considered a serious philosophical question. Then I thought, why not take a poll? Comments have been sort of slow around here lately, and if I’ve learned anything from this site over the years, it’s that 99 times out of 100 it’s this sort of thing that gets you people talking.

24 Jun, Sat, 16:09:00
how labeling students affect their ability to laern

I’m not sure whether it does or it doesn’t, but something tells me that the person we’re dealing with here is more than likely a really solid argument for one side or the other.

12 Jul, Wed, 14:55:25
giant black dickheads

I’m thinking that this search is too general for you to find much of anything. Perhaps try narrowing it by using terms such as Mike Tyson or Al Sharpton, that may help.

Ok, that’s all there is. I’ll be back later with something else I’m sure, but in the meantime, if anybody’s looking for me, I’ll be off hiding from Mike Tyson.

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