Um, I don’t think so.

Ok, spammers are really trying to bug me. I’m waiting for word from RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) on whether I got a job. Today, I got not one, but two spam from an address claiming to be Royal Bank of Canada. You can stop teasing me right about now. Somehow, this doesn’t look like a job offer.

I’ve known for a long, long time, Paul. blake boris He loved her so much; without her he would die.

There was a snap as the pin broke in two, the part in the lock falling in, and he had a dull moment to consider his failure before he saw that the door was slowly swinging open with the tongue of the lock sticking out of the plate like a steel finger. It went over the edge and he was still inside it! That’s not always how it works, but usually that’s it. If not for you I could be home watching TV now with my hand on my wife’s leg. I’m here. He reached down, but the tips of his fingers stopped a clear three inches short of the floor, where one of the two or three bobby-pins that had fallen from her hair as she charged him lay. He took three dry, then crawled back to the door and lay down against it, blocking it with the weight of his body. diddle

Um nope.

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