Angels, Demons, and Annoyances!

I meant to write this post on Monday, but haven’t done it until today. Wow, that’s, um, very sucky. But here I go. I figureI should try and accomplish something even though the rain is making me feel like doing sweet dick all.

I just finished the book “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. Note to anyone interested in this stuff: Don’t read Angels and Demons swiftly followed by the DaVinci code, or vice versa. You’ll ruin one of the books. God this guy writes in a very similar style. He’s a good writer, just the way he does it is…well…way too similar. I know they’re a series, but does the Hassassin have to resemble Silas in his violence and dedication to his so-called master? Does the woman in the story always have to have lost a close relative? But most importantly, Does Robert Langdon have to be so goddamn pretentious, arrogant, and just simply annoying? Maybe he does, if so, way to go Dan Brown, you’ve done an awesome job. There are moments where I just want to slap him! Am I alone in this?

Like, why is it that in the middle of a high pressure scene, Robert Langdon starts to Reminisce about something he said while teaching some class of Harvard students about Symbology? Dude. When you’re being chased by police, being made to lay spread-eagle on the floor, now’s not the time to think about the good old days, so much so that you lose touch with reality.

And, why is it that, even in the face of being shown that all his research is somewhat flawed, he insists that he knows the answers? Ever heard of new information, bud? Maybe you shouldn’t tell the granddaughter of the dead guy that there’s no way he’s the head of a secret societey. After the little surprise ritual she witnessed in grandpa’s basement there, I think she’s a more qualified source than you!

And then there are things he does that just annoy me! Like, when the guy’s on the phone telling the church how he’s going to murder four cardinals and do it in public places, good old Robert stands up and yells at the speaker phone: “and what are you going to brand them with?” Really, dude, does that matter? And in the same phone call, after the guy makes some reference to something that happened in the 1600’s, Langdon has to start rhyming off historical facts. Gees dude, do you want to draw the guy’s attention? How about giving them the history lesson *after* he’s off the phone?

So, am I weird? Hopefully someone’s read the book, or both of the books, and knows what I’m talking about.

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