Another Quick Plug

And this time it isn’t even for something I’m a part of.

This is True author and publisher Randy Cassingham, whose writing I’m a big fan of, has started his own blog, and he’s kicking it off with something that I think is pretty interesting.

Starting from 1994 when True was launched, he’s posting, in chronological order, historical information about how he grew the business from a crazy idea he had one night into what it is today, one of, if not the longest running moneymaking email publications in the entire world. Along with that, he’s also throwing in what he feels are some of the most important things he’s written in True, whether they’re important from a history standpoint or a contextual one.

Once all of this is done he’s not sure what he’s going to do with the thing, but I’m sure he’ll come up with something good, he always does. For now though, it’s a great read for anybody who has ever thought about doing their own thing, or even anybody who’s ever been curious about how somebody can make a small business work.

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