>I think We’ve Found Our Losers!

>I think we found the people who just might need the Christmas dinner guests DVD. They’re also likely soon to be the proud owners of a USB Secret Base Emergency Button! Let me let the article explain what this thing does, because frankly, I couldn’t make it sound any more geeky.

Plug it in, press the top to open the shutter and reveal the red emergency key, hit that and… your PC shuts down. Yes, but it’s the way it shuts down that matters.

Up pops an incoming message from your comrades informing you your hidden facility has been targetted by a “suicide bomber” and the only thing to do is to go into lock-down mode. Across your screen the blast-proof steel doors slam, guarding your base from the terrorist’s self-immolation, all presented in a lively on-screen animation.

And then your PC shuts down.

All of this geekery can be yours for only $35 US, which, if you’re geeking out to this level, is probably a pittance since you’re probably a computer scientist or an engineer somewhere. At least I hope you are. Hopefully you’re not still living in your parents’ basement at the age of 41, currently a virgin, and expecting to remain so for…approximately…the rest of your natural life. If I’m lucky, 3 people will get that and laugh histerically.

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