>The SWAN Turned Me Into an Ugly Duckling!

>I don’t know how to feel about this invention. Ok, let me try and break it down as best I can. They’re trying to invent this navigation system for blinks called SWAN, which stands for System for Wearable Audio Navigation. It’s supposed to help you navigate, and let you know about nearby objects and such. […]

Much Love to the Google Help Group and Panther

Oh! Watch me dance! Dance and dance and dance! Do you wanna know why? Because a very nice person helped me tweak the code so hopefully it looks better. Here’s a note to anyone who’s blogging with Blogger. If you need any help at all with your blog, hoof it on over to the Blogger […]

Hey! Buddy! You do have the Right to Remain Silent, you know!

Um wow. Just when you don’t think you can possibly hear of someone being more stupid, you read this story. I can no longer write. I’m still laughing. A Monroe man allegedly was amazed when told his estranged wife’s boyfriend survived a Nov. 30 knife attack, Snohomish County prosecutors said Thursday. “What? I thought I […]

Until Death Do Us Part? So We’re Talking Five Years?

When I first saw this mentioned in News of the Weird, I laughed. Now, when I read more, I still chuckle, but it’s less funny and more thought-provoking. Let’s start off with the funny. Would you believe that 30 death row inmates have online profiles on dating sites? I didn’t at first either. They’re real […]