I asked for Cheesecake, Not Cheese in my Cake!

Well holy shit, it’s 2007. It’s a whole new year. Last night was the quietest Newyear’s Eve in a long time, like I said yesterday. We were going to go out to this restaurant nearby, but they foiled our plans by having a buffet that you had to reserve spots for and it was already booked up. Then we were going to go to this other place near the centre of town, but since Guelph didn’t think it was necessary to run the buses any longer than 6:00 p.m. on Newyear’s Eve, we decided we didn’t feel like paying $20 in cab fair to get there and back. So we decided to order from Eastside Mario’s since I’d liked their delivery service so much before.

And I’ve noticed they’ve started a trend! If you order desserts, they put your parmesan cheese and butter containers *in* your dessert! Not just in the container with the dessert, which would be stupid enough, they actually wedge the containers in the gooee icing! What the hell? Who would get out their first course, not see their cheese and butter, and then go rummaging through the cake to find it? What kind of logic is that? I’d just assume they forgot it. Both times they’ve done it recently, I’ve eaten my first course, opened my dessert container, and found the buried treasure. Stop that! Just put them in the bag with the dessert, but not right in the cake, you idiots! And I can’t even call back and tell someone, because all you get is the central toll-free number, and it’s the local outlet that does it.

Other than that, Newyears was good. It’s been the first time in a long time that, as the year was changing, I actually had time to stop and process that fact. Hope everyone else had a good night too.

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