Man People are Lazy

Attention dude who took out the audio version of Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts from the library:

When you returned it, did you not notice the stream of tape hanging out of cassette 2? The one that could not be wound back in because it was broken? Did you not remember your tape machine munching on it, because I’m sure it did. Did you not think that, maybe, when you returned it, you should have said something to the nice library lady? Accidents happen, she wouldn’t have eaten you. But now that I’ve brought it home and found your damage, I may want to.

What is with people and their absolute lack of respect for other people’s property? Their attitude seems to be, “It’s not mine, so who cares if I break it? I’ll just return it and let someone else deal with the mess.” I hope the next book they take out has pages ripped out of it. Then they’ll have a taste of their own medicine.

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