Rabbits Growl?

I learned something yesterday that still makes me laugh whenever I think about it. I learned that rabbits can growl! Now wouldn’t that be funny to hear? I looked for a while for recorded rabbit growls, but sadly, I can’t find any.

So here’s my question. Has anyone heard a rabbit growl? What does it sound like? Does it even sound remotely threatening? It makes me think of how Steve would get pissed off or frustrated at something and make this roaring noise. I’d try and imitate him and…well…it wouldn’t sound very much like a roar. More like an “Eeee”. I wonder who a rabbit’s growl would intimidate. The lettuce it was about to chew? I mean, being bitten by a rabbit isn’t fun, I’ve been nipped before. But I can’t imagine how a sound coming out of something that small could be perceived as remotely scary.

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