Punched Out.

Ever since I heard about this story, I’ve wanted to say something about it, but I just couldn’t get my head around what happened.

In the small town of Erieau, Ontario, somebody died and 3 people got sick enough to be hospitalized from drinking punch laced with windshield wiper fluid. How did the windshield wiper fluid get in there? Did someone have dark and evil plans to kill someone at the party? No! Get ready for this. The punch was mixed in, and poured from, a windshield wiper fluid jug.

Ok, doesn’t everyone know that windshield wiper fluid, and other chemicals, are not good to drink? And, if they’re not good to drink, their containers are not safe storage places for things that we do drink? Or, doesn’t almost everybody know this? Apparently, no one at not one, but two parties in Erieau knew this, or spoke up to say, “Uh, chief, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

An even worse thought is, did these people think the windshield wiper fluid would serve as alcohol for the punch? If so, they really need help.

In any case, now, one woman is dead, and two guys are partially blinded from this little bit of holiday cheer.

Holy crap. I just don’t understand how this happened. It’s amiracle that more people didn’t die or get really sick. It seems some people need a re-education about things that are good and bad for us. Hopefully next year, when Newyears comes around, people will ask a lot more questions if these people show up with their punch in a paint can.

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