A Big Heap of…Stuff

Woohoo, random post time. I don’t know if this one will amount to much, but oh well, hopefully we’ll have fun while it lasts.

I think I heard the coolest virus name ever. Oh god I’m declaring my supreme geekiness by saying that I think some virus names are cool. But some just sound neat. come on. You can’t tell me that klez didn’t sound like a swarm of pesky mosquitos. Well maybe you can, but I still think it was kind of cool. And bugbear? what’s that. But today, I’ve received a couple variants of…wait for it…the fuclip virus. I don’t care if it doesn’t have a k. I think the mind can put it in the appropriate spot. It sounds like either a nasty STD that you’d want to whisper to your doctor, or the coolest new nickname for people who piss me off. For example, “Spammers are all fuclips.” or, “I got stuck on the phone with a fuclip of a telemarketer.” I love it! And the best part is the people who made this gem probably are from some foreign country where English isn’t the official language, so they don’t even realize the hillarity of what they just called it. I can’t seem to find out what the Fuclip virus does, but it seems to be pretty new. So do the rest of the internet a favour and don’t develop a case of fuclips, will ya?

Attention all people who work in stores and can’t speak English: When I ask you to double-bag my milk and pop so I can walk home and not have my bag break, that doesn’t mean take my pop out and put it in a separate bag from my milk. I meant put the bag inside another bag. The way it is now, I have one more bag to carry! Thanks much. And can someone please tell me the best way to play Charades with someone who doesn’t speak the language well to illustrate that I would like to buy some Cuppa Soup? I was lucky today that a nice customer was able to walk over, grab what I wanted, and hand it to the poor befuddled woman who was trying her level best to understand me. but it would be nice to have some tips.

I saw in the E-bulletin that I get from the River Run Centre here in town that a comedy hypnotist, you know, a guy that hypnotizes people and then gets them to do funny things on command, is coming to the centre. This made me think about something that’s been spinning around in my head for years. I wonder if I can be hypnotized. I know that you have to be hypnotizable, subject to suggestion I guess you’d say. But then there’s the blink factor. I can see shadows though, so maybe they can get me to watch zee watch and it would work. But I wonder if people who are totally blind can be hypnotized with rhythmic music or something. Has anyone seen it done? As much as I’m curious about it, I can’t see myself forking over $20 to find out if I can be made to look like a complete tool in a trance, so I guess I’ll keep wondering. Plus, why would I want to be made to look like a tool in front of who knows who? With my luck, I’d be way too hypnotizable and they wouldn’t be able to break the trance and I’d be saying stupid things forever. I wonder how many people are thinking, “So…not much different than the way things are now, then?”

And a scary thought came to me a while ago. A lot of really famous, almost legendary, people are getting old. Because I’m a geek, I went and looke dup how old some people are on Wikipedia, and discovered that:

  1. Regis Philbin is a few months shy of his 76th birthday.
  2. Lloyd Robertson just turned 73.
  3. George Carlin is going to be 70 this year.
  4. and

  5. Ray Bradbury is almost 87.

Isn’t that scary? A lot of big names are getting up there, and I’m sure there are a ton more that I haven’t even thought of that are skidding down the hill of life on a toboggan and soon might hit that big tree with a loud crunch. And an even scarier thought is, can you think of anyone out there who is coming up to replace them, or better yet, create something to rival what they did? Is there anyone else who is becoming a household name like they are? I really can’t think of anyone. Can you? Isn’t that a sad statement?

And speaking of hitting trees with a loud crunch, I think this post just did. Hope the sudden stop didn’t hurt too much.

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