Pet Rocks

I will readily admit that I’m a sentimental person. I like to keep things that remind me of people and times of the past. But there comes a point where sentimentality ends and morbidity begins, and when it comes to pets, that point is here.

Apparently, if your pet dies, the people at Pet Crematorium CPC have figured out a way to use the carbon from your pet’s ashes to turn them into a diamond, which I assume you can wear in a ring or whatever. I guess, then you can say that you will always have your beloved pet wrapped around your finger. And then I can look at you and say, ug!

What the hell is with that? They’re not the only one who does this sort of thing. This place does it with human ashes! What am I missing? I think it would freak me out if I knew that the ring that Aunt Olga was wearing was made of dearly departed Uncle Charles. It’s kind of like having a coin made out of World Trade Centre death guts. That’s just, just, ug! Why can’t people bury their loved ones and let go? How could you ever let go if you knew that you actually had part of them in your house? Strange things people do. Maybe I’m the one who’s weird.

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