What an Obama-Nation

I was cruising around snopes.com, and I saw there was a new no. 1 hoax, so I decided to go read about it. When I finished reading about it, I was left with a lingering sense of sadness.

The hoax is that Senator Barack Obama is a Muslim extremist. It is shown, without question, that he’s not even a muslim, and it’s a pile of crap. But it’s the way in which it’s shown that he is not a muslim that left me scared. It’s like the authors of Snopes equate having any connection to Islam as a horrible, bad thing and they have to work to clear this poor man’s name of such an attrocious accusation.

They also seem to see Christianity and Catholicism as things that can only be viewed in a positive light. Anybody remember what has happened in several Catholic churches over the years? Lots of sexual abuse. What happened to native children in Christian schools? Abuse! No religion is any better than any other religion. What does it matter what he worships? As long as he’s not preaching about death to the infidel dogs of the west or pushing his religion on anyone else, let him have whatever religion he wants.

Do you get the same feeling from the Snopes article, or am I just paranoid?

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