An Odd Combination Of Things

Every day, I’m either sent or I come across a lot of funny or interesting things. Sadly, a lot of them don’t make it to the site for one reason or another. Sometimes they’re too short to make anything out of. I do 1 line posts from time to time, but you can’t do that […]

The Timing Sucks, But If You’re Going To Fight, The Hospital Is A Good Place To Do It

A routine appendix operation in Belgrade went horribly wrong when two surgeons started fighting and stormed from the operating room to settle their dispute outside. according to a recentreport,surgeon Spasoje Radulovic was operating when fellow doctor Dragan Vukanic entered and made a remark that started a quarrel. “At one moment Vukanic pulled the ear of […]

I am, Slowly, Going, Crazy, 1 2, 3 4, 5 6, Switch!

I’m ancy. Every day, I’m ancy. Some days, I can’t focus on anything, because I’m so ancy! I’m sure I’m driving Steve absolutely, positively nuts some days because I’m constantly looking at the clock wondering if I’m going to get a call. You wanna know why? Because I still don’t know when I’m going away […]

Don’t Drink and Drive People Nuts

When there’s a problem, people seem to find a need to pin the blame on someone, don’t they? It would be nice if they could figure out who the right person is to pin it on. There’s a neighbourhood of…what should we call them…outraged area residents? Sure. Sounds good. They’re mad because they live near […]

They’re Going to Get it Done, Come Hell or High Water

This just creeps me out. Does it creepyou out? Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is prepared to take “extraordinary measures” to boost the ranks of women candidates in the next election, including barring men from seeking nominations in some ridings. During last year’s leadership race, Dion promised that under his watch at least a third of […]