Grumpy Old Men

Wow. This story is just weird. I love the Guelph Mercury.

Police in Sudbury have charged a nursing home resident with second-degree murder in the beating death of his roommate last week.

Bryan Belliveau, 55, has been in custody since he was arrested Wednesday after Keith Croteau, 59, was beaten during an argument over the volume of Croteau’s television set.

Belliveau was originally charged with assault causing bodily harm, but the charge was upgraded after a post-mortem examination confirmed Croteau died Thursday of head injuries.

Ok, first off, it has gotta suck to be in a nursing home at 55 and 59. That, right there, could cause some rage. But gees, in the case of the guy who pounded on the other guy, he can’t be in the nursing home because he’s frail. And he can’t be senile or anything if police are holding him. So I’m so confused. Why is he there? And to beat someone over the TV? Man! Get some earplugs or something! The weirdness continues.

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