Penny for Your Thoughts? How about 22000 of ’em?

I’m still laughing. I don’t think this guy was expecting the response he got, but it’s still funny.

Police mistake package of pennies for bomb

WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C. (Feb 12, 2007)

As protests go, it was a bomb.

It began when a disgruntled Williams Lake rancher dumped a package on the steps of his local provincial government offices and it was mistaken for a bomb
by local officials and the RCMP last Wednesday.

It turned out the mysterious cardboard box wrapped in plastic contained $220, or 37 kilograms in pennies — his payment for four fines he received that
he wasn’t too happy about.

The situation was taken seriously and the building was evacuated.

I’d just love to see this guy dropping that package off.

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