Should They Keep their Little Girl Little?

This is just scary, and something about it rubs me the wrong way. Parents of a 9-year-old girl named Ashley, who refuse to be identified but have no problem putting Ashley’s picture everywhere, have decided that she shouldn’t grow anymore, so have started pumping her full of hormones and putting her through surgeries to prevent […]

The Bad Idea Fairy Visited Me Again

If you’re like us and enjoy reading about goofy or downright stupid things that people have invented, then you’ll probably get a kick out ofthis piece from Wired Magazineabout some of the dumbest things ever created. The article features among other things a human powered helicopter pogo stick, underwear with airbags in them, and glasses […]

How Long Until People Start Getting Addicted To The Shower?

Soap gives caffeine kick Here’s a free piece of advice. If you regularly feel so rushed that you find yourself having to choose between having a coffee or having a shower, and if you think even for a minute that Caffeinated soap might just be the answer to your problems, it might be time to […]

AttenTV: A Great Idea If You’re A Creep, A Loser Or Just Don’t Have Any Respect For Yourself And Your Privacy

Can somebody please tell me where the appeal is in this? I’ll break it down quickly for the benefit of those of you who don’t have time to read a long article. A new service called AttenTV allows people to download a browser plug-in that will record and broadcast their clickstreams for others to watch. […]

I Apologize For Every Newfy Joke I’ve Ever Made

Honestly, I do. I’ve met a pretty good number of Newfoundlanders in my life, and almost all of them have been some of the nicest people you could ever hope to run into, and I don’t even mean with your car. And no matter what people say about them, I haven’t met a single Newfy […]