Talk to the Twin

Wow. This is just weird. An Australian company called has come up with a program that is an artificial intelligence and can chat to your friends for you. Then, you can read what your friend and this twin said later.

Process that for a while. There are enough people who go online, but find the conversations so monotonous that they’d rather have a machine talk to their friends for them so they can do better things. It even says you can program the twin to answer repetitive questions like “Are you and so and so really an item?” In my opinion, if you’re having so many conversations on autopilot like some kind of zombie, that means it’s time to get new friends!

There is a cool side to this program, if used by businesses. It would mean faster responses to common questions.

I’d like to talk to one of these and see how person-like it is. I’ve talked to chatterbots before, ***oh no, I’ve just proclaimed my geekhood***, and you can tell they’re a bot. They say some amusing things, but nothing that you’d say realistically in a conversation. This company claims they’re not perfect, but better than most bots. I’m curious.

I’m waiting for the day when people don’t block people anymore, they just leave the annoying person to talk to their CyberTwin, and read the logs later and laugh. Now that I think about it, that might be kind of fun.

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