Can You Hear Me Now? No? Great, Mission Accomplished!

Ok, here’s the new most retarded thing I heard all time all my life.

Mobiles to be blocked for Bush

Mobile phone calls in sections of Sydney’s CBD will reportedly be blocked during US President George Bush’s APEC visit in September.

News Limited papers report the sophisticated counter-terrorism measure will be used to prevent mobile phone detonated remote-control bombs.

A helicopter fitted with signal-jamming equipment will shadow the President’s motorcade.

It will block all mobile phone calls within an area the size of a football field.

I’m trying to figure out what this is going to accomplish. Sure it might prevent somebody from blowing you up with a phone, but logic therefore dictates that it would also prevent you from calling 911 with a phone if somebody decided to explode you the old-fashioned way.

The war on terror stuff was way out of hand a long time ago, but endangering public safety in a ridiculous attempt to protect it seems like a brand new low to me.

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